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      1.) All global forum rules apply here, they can be seen here; http://forums.pokemm...-gameforumsirc/ 2.) If you're going to be negative, always give constructive criticism as to why you feel that way. Criticizing work just for the sake of criticizing it/being rude will result in your post being hidden. 3.) Only owners of the thread can double post, and the conditions for them doing so must be to display new customization(s). Try to make use of the edit button provided to you if you feel that you left something out. 4.) No going off topic, unless it is in some way related to the original post. Going off topic in a thread will result in your off topic posts being hidden/deleted. 5.) No request threads, if you wish to request a user make you something, PM them personally, or find a shop that fits the details of your wants. 6.) Do not post other people's work without permission, whether this be in a thread, or AS a thread. 7.) If you do use other people's work within your own, be sure to credit them for what they have done. 8.) Always keep thread titles accurate, and free of inappropriate language. Self-censored curse words will be considered as inappropriate. If a thread's title does not meet these guidelines it will be changed. 9.) Do not make threads, or post in threads asking how to customize, if you can't find a tutorial elsewhere, send a PM to someone in this section who may know. 10.) The only person who can "bump" a thread which has not been posted in for 3 weeks or longer is the original creator of the topic. Bumping another persons thread will likely result in your post being hidden/deleted. 11.) Please do not promote other websites, however linking to them as an example of work, or to show an already made customization is fine. 12.) Always provide a direct download link to every form of customization, if you fail to do so, your post will be removed. 13.) No ROM distribution, or talk on ROM distribution. Any posts discussing ROMs will be removed. 14.) All threads must be tagged appropriately. Look at any similar threads if you are not sure which tag to use, or consult me personally. The way in which you display a tag is not negotiable. They are as follows; [GUI] [iPS] [MOD] [Translation] [Tool] [Tutorial]   If a thread is missing a tag, or has been incorrectly tagged, it will be changed to match the content of the thread.

[GUI] Spheal Dark Theme

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Hi there! Here comes my second theme, it is based on the vulpix theme  I created some time ago. This version is blue and features one of my favorite pokemon - spheal. Again, to ensure that this theme works correctly you should still have unmodified version of default theme in your PokeMMO installation directory. Screenshots and Download Link below. 
All comments and feedback much appreciated! :)

1. Login screen



2. Game Interface: PC, Bag, Pokemon Summary, Pokedex, Trainer Card



3. Battle Screen



6. Beeding window



Download and Installation

  • Download here
  • Unpack it to your PokeMMO install directory -> data -> themes
  • In the game menu choose Settings -> Interface-> Theme and from dropdown menu choose spheal-dark or spheal-dark-plain

Or see: Detailed instruction with screenshots




Please Notice!
This theme is not meant to be treated as a template or base for other people's modifications. You are of course more than welcome to make any changes for your personal use but please don't redistribute them. Thank you!

Edited by slidingpanda
new theme link for 2.0.3 version

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Version 2.0.3


1) Fixed pokemon summary after Unova update


2) Fixed bag view after new search option was added
3) Made battle panel more transparent

Version 2.0.2


1) Fixed hotkey item counts not to go outside the box
2) Fixed Team Chat selection button being outside the box and difficult to click.
3) Fixed Bag buttons placement and made bag window higher (see 6) for screenshot) - if you prefer different size change bagsize in variables.xml
4) Fixed next page button not showing when first time opening GTL
5) Restyled matchmaking GUI to match this theme



6) Changed pokedex entry colors to match seen/caught/caught ot progressbars



7) Changed minimize window icon (eg. when queueing for matchmaking)
8) Changed battle GUI for hordes (enemy horde GUI was not matching the theme)





Version 2.0.1



1) Updated multiple views after the Christmas Update. 

2) Styled new GTL window

3) Fixed the issue where after update game crashed while trading.





Version 2.0.0


No changes to theme looks. Reorganized xml files to easily propagate fixs between versions.

Version 1.0.3


1) Updated the spheal-dark theme to work with the newest theme changes.
2) Styled newly added windows - mail system & whisper window.

Version 1.0.2


1) New breeding window



2) Fixed battle PvP frame



3) New battle font with extended character set
4) Changed PC background image (only for original version)



5) Other minor modifications after game update
6) Some moderator badges were not displayed properly in game chat


Version 1.0.1


1) Fixed held item font color for better readability

My themes

Edited by slidingpanda

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just... epic.

Thank you ^^


even better than the vulpix one :D (imo)

any chance you could make a plain version of this if its not too much trouble?

Thank you as well ^^


Actually I hoped that this time I will manage to get away without doing a plain version ;) . I even reduced the number of spheal images in the original version (only images left are login screen, little spheal on main menu and pc box). It is not a problem for me to make a plain version. But I noticed it's starting to get really time consuming when there's some bug and I need to fix it in all versions. It's okay for now but I can imagine a maintenance hell with lets say 5 colors and for each 2 separate versions.


I'll think about it. Meanwhile I would appreciate more feedback on whether you guys need more plain version of this theme or is original good enough :)

Edited by slidingpanda

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im completely fine with this version, but i would prefer a plain version :P

i cant complain though since you do this for free, and happy with it either way :D

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Actually I love plain versions but this one is good enough for me since like u said it doesn't have so many spheal images in it so I don't mind if u don't make the plain version I will use this one for sure

Thank u man! <3

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Your GUIs are really impressive~ You seem to have a really good sense of aesthetics and design.


The only thing that I can really nitpick is that a yellow font doesn't really work well for held items in summaries and is a bit difficult to read. It doesn't go with blue as nicely as it goes with the red in your Vulpix theme.


Edited by RacheLucario

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This Theme is awesooooome!!! <3<3<3<3 It's looks very stylish and not overtoned at all! :D

New favorite!!! <3

Edited by Yuna425

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Actually I love plain versions but this one is good enough for me since like u said it doesn't have so many spheal images in it so I don't mind if u don't make the plain version I will use this one for sureThank u man! <3

She's a girl xd

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She's a girl xd

Really? Damn, I don't know why I always do that haha, I guess I don't know who's a girl or who's a boy here, my bad :P

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New versions available
spheal-dark-1.0.1 | spheal-dark-plain

Issues implemented:
1) Fixed held item font color for better readability


2) Created separate plain version of the theme - without spheal images on some in game elements (see first post for screenshot) 


Download Original Version Here!
Download Plain Version Here!


And thank you everyone for your kind comments as well as improvement ideas! It means a lot <3

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