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Thou Shalt Becometh Swoll...


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I went for my morning jog, but the streets were crowed because someone jumped to the metro ​ :unsure:.

So i decided to get a coffee instead, while i was getting to the shop i notice a bunch of ~16 years old kids sitting next to the door and one overweight girl.

As i get closer the kids whistle at me, i take my phone outside to avoid eye contact. But i heard the girl saying she's not even hot. I walked more slowly and did a whole eye scanning of her and just smirked, i heard some Ohhh's and laughs inside the shop.

Oh god. What a situation.
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Congrats brah! That would have been me posing with the pros but my ankle kept me from carrying.

My team officially sucked without me. Call us the 04 Lakers when Karl went down.

That's so chill though. Makes me hungry for the game. Lf fellow natives to ball with in AK (failing)

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My buddy played up to semi-professional and he's been kicked in the head quite a few times as goalie. Poor guy is on concussion watch from here on out. Too many brain shakes.

Even thought girls are lazy to go full mode on a one-on-one, now i'm able to see a knee on my forehead somehow. Thanks for the new fear.

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