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Thou Shalt Becometh Swoll...


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I always tought this thread was about Tohou and those kind of chats...


Anyways i'm trying to recover a old shoulder injury and i'm finally lifting and doing squats with weight now.

Good luck on your first day eggplant :)

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So today i found this website on reddit, that helped me get some daily meals ideas while staying on my daily cal limit. You can make an account and they are more paid features, but i'm lazy to register i just "regenerate" and type down the ones i liked.


Now i'm having fun reading all the recipes of the things i'll have to learn...

Edit: You can hover the dishes and get info about them


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Fuck dad bod.


Also don't want to turn this into the Diary but lately (this week) I've been a bit sad so I haven't been eating as much as I usually do and therefore haven't been working out (I don't want to work out without eating well of course). I have made a firm decision I am eating properly and going to the gym on Monday though! That's my cut off hehe. I am excited for that, it will be good to get back to it after a few days off. 

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dad bod is just another step towards the "fat acceptance" trend that is starting.




Did chest yesterday, got 275 x 4 on flat bench, new PR for me, woooooooooo.


I haven't been shedding as much weight as i expected to for the diet/exercise plan i'm on but I look a lot better thinner IMO and even had a few comments made by people. daily reminder weight is about looks, not a number.

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I'm fine with people accepting they have ten extra pounds on them that won't send them to an early grave but I'm not okay with accepting an unhealthy weight. For myself I expect regular exercise though ! I won't punish myself when I can't do that on occasion but I will always be health conscious. All the women who are promoting dad bods holding them as super attractive can have them haha. More muscular men for me to enjoy ! ;)

(I hope this doesn't lower anyone's self esteem haha. If you want to shed a few pounds though you can always try to do that)

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Would mods remove before and after pictures that involve a bikini ? Not suggestive positioning or anything !

if it's something I would see at any decent public place where I could take my family without being embarrassed I'd consider it appropriate enough to post.  In this case you'd see a girl in a bikini if you went to a beach, swimming pool, or lived really anywhere on the coast, which are all family appropriate places.
tl dr if it's appropriate I wont remove it
Edit:  If anyone replies with suggestive remarks those will be removed though, and if it becomes more trouble than it's worth then it'll likely be removed, but people of off-topic have shown that they can be mature in this thread at least so I doubt that'll be an issue.

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