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Since I suppose this is more of a little thing,

  • Master volume settings on top of the main three. Makes it easier for multi-tasking without having to use external settings to mute the app entirely or watch the video on a separate device.
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1º You dont need 6th gen map, the game is fine like this. But you could get 6th gen items, megas and fairys.


2º Hidden abilitys. Why dont we have them yet.


3º Create an endgame coin/resource/currrency whatever. You need to think about this xD I've read you'r going to create elo ladders. Maybe make some time reduction QOLs items accesible only for differents elos, so ranking could be considered actually an endgame.

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Suggestion Display team names next to player name in Leaderboard or/and in the viewing tab of the PvP Menu.


What will it bring ? Help teams build rep, help players looking for a team to be scouted and recruited, help bored viewers find some more hype in matches between rival team members.

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I think it would be very cool to have the possibility to add additional hotbars and make them accessible by combinations of buttons like Shift+1, Shift+F1 etc... I personally feel like 9 slots isn't really enough. The option to lock hotbars so I don't remove items by mistake would be extremely comfy, too. I've talked to other people and it seems I'm not the only one with this problem.

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I don't know where to post this suggestion but for what I've played (not in my current account, I had another character with some more distance adventured)


  • Quest NPC — I wish to ask about some NPC in some cities per region to give some kind of Missions in which you win something either useful or vanity to use. Maybe small items you can't find on stores or hats/pants/t-shirts; or some kind of titles that give some small effect in game? It would be of help for those who can't really afford to pay for stuff while making relatively more content for the game. Missions can be as easy as capture certain pokémon, or as difficult as a strong NP C to defeat or to look for some object in the overworld. It would give even more vibes of an actual MMO in my opinion. 





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Bruh when can we leave our eyes as Calm/Angry and not have to change our eyes everytime we log in? Brock's magic-marker-drawn lines were all he was ever given during birth, why can't we close our eyes using electrical tape and call it a day? This is unconstitutional, a breach of our rights. Brock doesn't approve smh

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1. Add the Hidden Ability for the next time, it will be cool for the next update. :)

2. Add the Fairy Type ! I know i hate the fairy but it will matter to me add a challenge

3. I would like us to add the Johto Region please i am still waiting for this region to face the ultimate trainer who just Red.


This is my wishlist for the moment. I hope my ideas will be taken into account. ^-^ :)

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1: PC expancion more of 21 boxes. It will help to have greater order of your competitors, shinys. etc

2: In the vanitys add to their side where it says "time limited" or "event only" to which year each vanity belongs

3: Being able to search our backpack for our vanitys as "limited time" "event only" "pvp reward" something like an advanced search inside our backpack to see only those objects



I think they are 3 simple things that would help a lot in the gaming experience. A big hug!

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On 3/20/2021 at 11:12 AM, Financier said:

A minute of cooldown between selling an item on GTL and the listing going down, I'm so sick that i make a typo I don't even have time to regret it when someone just snipes it in 3 seconds, and I see so many examples of this daily. 

Yeah I've done this before sorry dude but I wanted the thing.

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Just a small thing, but if the intent was for items used in creating move tutor moves to all have the "popular with certain move tutors" line in their description, then Quick Claw is missing that. It is helpful to have that so we know an item should be saved/collected for that purpose.

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1: Ability to view pokedex by location ie. see all pokemon that can be caught in route 5 as opposed to clicking on a pokemon and seeing where it can be caught. (I like to be thorough about catching pokemon)


2: Pokedex locks last sorting type (I like to keep my pokedex sorted by the region I'm in)


3: In battle button to open pokedex entry of opponent


Please and thank you :)

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*For the Computer player*


We need the feature from the mobile Phone "Swiping", If you wanna Check your Pokemon Boxes or newest catches u have to inspect them all each or open them all at once but overlapped and moving them apart or closing 1by1 one takes to much time..


Lets say you caught  12 Pikachu they found their way into Box 1


Press the first Pika to Inspect, go to the IV´s or Ev´s, moves..  (cause u wanna check if u found some goodies) and press a button that goes forward or backwards of those pokemons in that box 1 to check them faster ( they stay on that site unless u change it )


what are u able to do now on the Pc box without mouse is this:  use A & D for left and right, W & S for up and down in the box pressing  double space to open the Overview and than press A AND D again to go through Iv´s, Info, catchtime, moveset...etc.  You close the Overview with shift ( standard on my pc ) and check ur next pokemon. Alot of clicking and only 1 by 1


What I would like to do is like I said press on a Pokemon Overview in that Box go to Iv´s or something else and press as an example "tab"  while it shows you the next pokemon by pressing tab it stays on the Iv´s.  ( u can change it with A OR D left or right to check Ev´s or smth else like you usually do but pressing tab or  ^ (backwards key)  let u go through your box without opening each Pokemon and only one Overview window)


I know theres an Overlay mouse feature for it with the most important stuff:  typ, ot, nature ivs etc. 

But in my Opinion when I try to check a whole box I prefer to open the Overwiew instead going over the mouse of each Pkm. Also if just wanna check the picture of the Pkmn or the information or when its caught or even Ribbons,  using as example Tab to go trough the box and stay on that site. its time saving <3 Ye im a lazy man I dont wanna click alot x) 


Thanks for reading sry for my bad english 

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