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>Official Discord Channel. Probably Users around Familiar with Discord that would help set it up for free.
>Pickup Drop-Rate Increase for Donator Status Players. 
>Update the "Natures" List when searching for Pokemon for "+Str/+Spe/+Spd/etc." To make it easier for new players.
>Click to Move so my brother with muscular dystrophy can play. He can play WoW with me and my friends but not PokeMMO due to lack of such a basic function. 
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-Introduction of unobtainable pokemon in the wild like zorua , etc.

-making ditto breeding possible so that male only pokemon can be bred easily (sawk,throh,hitmonchan,etc.)

-implementing all the moves completely before releasing it .(its kind of good that you let us know that the move is not implemented).


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Please figure out how we can see "who last posted" in the suggestions thread of the forums. From the main page we can see that someone posted by way of their avatar, but once we click into the suggestions thread, there is nowhere for us to actually see where that person posted. 

It's really frustrating. 

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2 hours ago, Malorne said:

@ThePrettyPetard yo, check this out ^

you wanted me to see this?


6 hours ago, Daedalus007 said:

IV Customization

Costs either PokeMoney and/or BattlePoints and/or CashShopPoints (should be at least 50% cheaper than buying optimal-meta versions)


Genetic Manipulation w/o Breeding
This won't affect the breeding market negatively because a bred pokemon with 31x5 IVs and a remaining 15 IV means 170 IV points total which is 50 more IV points and better stats overall.

How it Works:
-Choose a Pokemon to 'Genetically Manipulate' and it gets put into the PC for editing.

Fixed Point-Buy System:

-All six IV stats are set to 20 (120 IV points total) and you can 'subtract' points from one stat to 'add' to another stat.

RNG Reroll System:
You can choose to 'reroll stats' until you get a favorable number of stats with a guaranteed minimum of 120 IV points spread out randomly across all 6 stats.  Rerolling can be done up to 10 times every 24 hours and cost is required to be paid whether you accept or reject the changes entirely.  RNG Reroll will also (optionally) change Nature randomly as well for an additional cost.

how is that a quick thing to add that doesn't seems like it even belong here. anyway that seems like a pooped idea playing with a pokemon's genetic while you have no fucking clue what you are doing seems both stupid and non canon you basically just want more gambling and avoid the money sink of breeding and the time to catch breeder

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