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[PokeMMO Guide] Implemented Pokemon : Locations & Held Items

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Love this topic! Awesome job, I use this daily!


but I think i found 2 (little) mistakes.


- In Fortree City there is no NPC Trade: Pikachu (Trade for a Skitty). Not in Emerald. I looked it up and also found the NPC, it's Volbeat (trade for a Plusle)


- Granite Cave: 

It says  Granite Cave B1F
Rock Smash: Geodude, Nosepass


But there are no Rock Smash stones on B1F, only on B2F so it should be (I also looked it up on bulbapedia) :

Granite Cave B2F
Grass: Zubat, Makuhita, Abra, Aron

Rock Smash: Geodude, Nosepass


Still awesome topic! 


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No idea if this thread is still getting updates


Koffings sometimes have smoke balls I caught two in fiery path in hoenn with them



ALSO you can find Koffings in Fiery Path






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On 2-6-2017 at 6:06 PM, Njaziqo said:

I've been wondering if it's possible to get Omanyte + Kabuto, want full pokedex (all green)?

Thanks :)

Yes, you can fill your pokédex, but for 100% OT you will need to trade. 12 pokémon don't evolve without trading. Also 2 pokémon ain't keepers (look for info about Mewtoo and Rayquasa on the forum). For a strategy guild for finding Omanyte and Kabuto, search on the forum for "fossil", there is at least one topic about fossil finding mentioning the fossil locations on Kanto and Hoenn.

(Sorry no time to look it all up my self)


(PS: If you want you can also catch 28 forms of Unown. A -> Z, ? and !)




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On 19-11-2016 at 5:37 PM, blahblahbal said:

Late, but someone told me they're found on the floor where Articuno is normally found. And I found one a while afterwards. It was comp, too xD.

Also late, i caught one. But since it's been some months ago i don't know if it was in that floor or one back, But thanks anyway :)

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