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[PokeMMO Guide] Implemented Pokemon : Locations & Held Items

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I believe you can also get Leftovers from wild Lotad. I was catching loads of them to breed and when i went to look at them in the PC, one of them had Leftovers. I'm certain it was one I caught and there's no reason to put Leftovers on a random Lotad. However, it must be exceedingly rare as I only ever found one in all the hunting I did.

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Here is a list of items that are held by wild Pokemon in game. You will see they are colour coded: Rare, Average and Common drop rates. These rates were based off of my own personal experience, so feel free to propose corrections if you disagree.

Type Enhancing Items
Silverpowder - Butterfree, Venomoth
Poison Barb - Beedrill, Arbok, Roselia, Cacnea
Sharp Beak - Fearow, Skarmory
Deep Sea Tooth - Carvanha, Sharpedo
Deep Sea Scale - Chinchou, Lanturn , Relicanth
Focus Band - Machoke
Light Ball - Pikachu
Soft Sand - Sandslash , Trapinch
Hard Stone - Graveler , Onix , Lairon , Aron , Aggron
Mystic Water - Castform
Dragon Fang - Dratini , Dragonair , Bagon , Shelgon
Magnet - Magneton
Nevermeltice - Dewgong 
Spell Tag - Haunter , Misdreavus , Shuppet , Duskull 
Twisted Spoon - Abra , Kadabra 
Metal Powder - Ditto
Stick - Farfetch'd
Thick Club - Cubone , Marowak
(All Pokemon Encounters from Rock Smash)
Old Amber - Graveler , Geodude (Only in Kanto)
Helix Fossil - Graveler , Geodude (Only in Kanto)
Dome Fossil - Graveler , Geodude (Only in Kanto)
Claw Fossil - Graveler , Geodude , Nosepass , Shuckle (Only in Hoenn)
Root Fossil - Graveler , Geodude , Nosepass , Shuckle (Only in Hoenn)
Evolution Items
Sun Stone - Solrock
Moon Stone - Clefairy , Lunatone
King's Rock - Poliwhirl , Slowbro , Hariyama 
Metal Coat - Magnemite , Beldum
Dragon Scale - Seadra , Horsea , Dratini , Bagon , Shelgon
Oran Berry - Raticate
Sitrus Berry - Raticate
Chesto Berry - Snorlax , Spinda , Loudred , Whismur
Rawst Berry - Vulpix , Growlithe , Camerupt , Numel 
Aspear Berry - Dewgong , Seel , Swinub 
Leppa Berry - Skitty
Healing Items
Berry Juice - Shuckle
Moo Moo Milk - Miltank
Red Shard - Corsola
Blue Shard - Clamperl
Yellow Shard - Chinchou , Lanturn
Green Shard - Relicanth
Valuable Items
Tiny Mushroom - Paras
Big Mushroom - Paras
Pearl - Shellder
Big Pearl - Shellder
Stardust - Staryu
Star Piece - Staryu
Nugget - Meowth
Heart Scale - Luvdisc
Everstone - Geodude , Graveler
Lucky Egg - Chansey


I don't know if it's been pointed out but charcoals can also be obtained from torkoal
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Eh,Someone asked me where do we get Feebas/Milotic i am sure it got implemented but where is it,I cant find it in the list and it's on gtl but it only say's

"apparently met in Kanto" but where in kanto ?

The location of pokemon where it was caught was not saved after catching it so it said "Apparently met in kanto". (I think thats what it is)

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Route 22 Night Hoothoot. (Yes, I named my Pidgey Rache). Don't you judge me. a49c5e0661.jpg

Magnemite Route 6


Route 10 Magnemite

Route 10 Ekans during the day as well (noted only at night).

Grimer Route 16

Cape Brink surfing Poliwhirl

Cape Brink surfing Slowpoke + Slowbro

Route 14 Night Noctowl

Mawaile is certainly found on Granite Cave B2F
Butterfree was removed from the wild and I found Silver Powder hold item on Metapod in Pattern Bush.

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Drowzee can appear on Route 6 at Night Time, not specified in the main post:



I also found Magnemites a couple of times, wasn't able to catch 'em unfortunately, but i'll keep trying.


EDIT: Got it.


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On 7-9-2016 at 4:24 AM, blahblahbal said:

Can someone tell me if there's a specific floor of Seafoam Islands where Jynx is found? I've been searching for hours and haven't found it.

I'm still looking around, no succes jet. Couldn't find info on the forum about Jinx' location.


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