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[Poem] The Promise of the Winds

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A story in a poem, just because. Written on occasion to a birthday of a certain friend of mine. Plus I needed to write and figured I'd revive this place for a bit. 


The Promise of the Winds


She saw them there

Under the evening sunshine

The rain of dandelions

The pleasant scent of irises

Alone, the two of them, it was all perfect align


The gusts of the spring enveloped them; 

And his eyes oathed to her: "I shall return, no more wars."

His hands vowed to her: "My heart and soul, forever yours."

His heart promised her: "Your sadness but a story read,"

His lips reassrured her: "For when I return, your sorrow will be shed." 

And a ring he slipped on her finger: "We meet here again, and we shall be wed."


'Twas long since their oath, till it came on that day

With the petals of the flora at the winds, asway

Veiled and in white she was, tranquil, in wait

For their reunion, and the love they should share, in spate.


The sky's orange draped itself black

Yet to come he was, inside, her heart began to crack

A tear she shed, and a whisper she heard

She wondered, and was she haunted or reassured

She felt him, she heard him -- but yet, why was he not there?

What should she have felt at the sound -- to be happy, or to despair?


Her emotions, her tears -- Sorrow or joy?

An illusion amidst her confusion

Or the winds at her feelings, the truth nothing but coy? 


"Wait for me, forever."


[spoiler] I know my poetry sucks, bear with it. [/spoiler]

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