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[Screenshot] Secret Base Showcase Thread


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As some if not all of you may have noticed, prices are down on decorations! Secret Bases are springing up everywhere. Post a pic of your secret base here. Here is my team Café!  

I finally made a base :3

My Secret Base

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How do you start a secret base,and how do you invite people?

Use secret power on a bush/tree/indent on a cave wall in Hoenn. Only peoplr on your friends list can enter your base and you can only enter yours friends base.
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2 hours ago, TheSmallestRaichu said:

Two different designs on my old base. The first was for showcasing dolls while the other was more for playing around with mats and balloons. (Sorry for the spamming of pictures, I only just found this thread!)



Hey, how'd I get those cool plants?

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