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[Screenshot] Post your newly-bred Pokemon here!


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Oo, just a second. :>





The only thing I've found is I get to do what I want because I have alot of money(from the last breeding system).. My friends seem to be struggling with how much it costs to really be in control now and although it feels like there is more control it's coming at a higher cost. The difference being you go broke breeding a lot faster and you can't just breed to make money you've got to have it and expect results or it isn't worth it. That's my first take on my first hour or two with it.

EDIT: I also wanted to say that I think Braces should be 20k, it's still a reasonable chunk but not 1/4 of 100k.

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(little show off, not mine, friend's, but I had to show it for you to be mirin)










It's Noad OT but pokes were mine (I really wanted to have a diffrent OT poke for faster leveling + it's always awesome to have OT Noad poke, isn't it?)

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Screw your new pokemons, just breeding some of my old garbage together, both hp grass  The quiet nature was a random roll, I wouldn't have picked it.

Probably scrap it for another breed but whatever, its male can go into anything.



about 17 minutes age difference

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sorry, no screeny, but:

Trapinch breeding

27/24/26/12/26/31 m scyther

31/17/25/30/12/17 f


31/16/26/21/18/31 m

31/31/20/20/23/24 ditto


31/31/23/20/20/31 m

31/27/31/4/29/21 ditto


31/29/31/12/24/31 m

21/25/29/0/25/25 ditto


26/27/30/6/24/31 m


i have a 4x31 hera adamant (m) lined up to breed with it, if only I could get a female trapinch ;-;


edit: \o/ for the 1/16 chance that I would get 4 males in a row.

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