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Changelog: 13/01/2015


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Database pruning has occurred during this update which has removed player characters meeting all of the following criteria from the game:

  • Less than 6 hours' played time
  • Less than 25,000 cash
  • Not online for at least 6 months
  • Have no shinies on the character
  • Have no party members over level 50
  • Does not have donator status active
  • Is not a team leader

Names attached to the characters removed are now free for use.

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several server crashes.
  • Fixed Mewtwo being able to enter secret bases or hoenn.
  • Fixed Secret Power TM exploit
  • Fixed secret base deco item prices
  • Fixed 'prevent escape' abilities being used in the safari zone by wild spawns
  • Fixed hidden items for hoenn
  • Fixed storyline Beldum Gift script
  • Fixed an issue where egg moves could not be passed to children in certain circumstances
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  • Vitamin pricing reduced from 4900 -> 3650
  • Updated NPC trainer payout rates
  • Redistributed elemental punches among shard tutors
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sandstorm weather in certain maps
  • Fixed egg flags broadcasting as being unlocked during skill usage
  • Fixed sell prices for star piece / dust
  • Fixed in-battle weather effects' "weather subsided" broadcast
  • Fixed certain skills not being used by NPCs with custom skillsets
  • Fixed Secret Power being able to inflict Paralyze through Substitute
  • Fixed Hoenn Move Tutors' species/skill compatibility
  • Fixed fossil held item rates
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