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[IPS] Ikarus' Lost Property (Kanto Graphics Patch) updated 6.9.2015

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2 hours ago, dreamwalker1232 said:

so there are no map/tile mods that currently work? not even 1?


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Can I use this for the Android client? I tried patching using my phone (no pc available) and got a "corrupted ROM" error.


Edit: Been informed patched roms aren't supported on android.

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On 4/1/2019 at 1:24 AM, Taidron said:

After patching I get something like this, how can I fix this??



This is due to PokeMMO now having seasons. In addition to tile mods being broken for nearly 1.5 years now, ROM patches are also broken due to PokeMMO unnaturally changing Hoenn & Kanto ever so slightly once a month to add seasons.. Might look normal for 1 out of every 4 months (summer, when things actually look how they should per the original games), but most of the time it will just look like this. It's a shame. Tile mods and Rom patches were the best parts of the game imo as we could set the world to look the way which looks most pleasing. Now instead we get dead grass half of the year in regions which are meant to be sunny and tropical.

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27 minutes ago, JohnGRs said:

Esta IPS aun funciona para la vercion de PokeMMO 2019 ??

English: If you had read the post right above yours, you would know.

Spanish: Si leyeras el post anterior al tuyo, lo sabrias.


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