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Hidden Abilities


Since I understand that post-update, the level up moves that exist in Gen III will abide by the Gen VI learn sets, I was wondering if introducing the abilities obtainable as hidden would become a possibility (as long as they exist in Gen III).


Example of how the Kanto pokemon would look like if this was implemented:

[spoiler]Venusaur - Chlorophyll

Blastoise - Rain Dish

Raticate - Hustle

Pikachu/Raichu - Lightning Rod

Ninetales - Drought

Vileplume - Effect Spore

Parasect - Damp

Golduck - Swift Swim

Poliwrath - Swift Swim

Tentacruel - Rain Dish

Golem - Sand Veil

Rapidash - Flame Body

Hypno - Inner Focus

Marowak - Battle Armor

Hitmonchan - Inner Focus

Lickitung - Cloud Nine

Kangaskhan - Inner Focus

Seadra - Damp

Seaking - Lightning Rod

Electabuzz - Vital Spirit

Magmar - Vital Spirit

Flareon - Guts[/spoiler]


Pros: More variety, more fun. None of these abilities will make the pokemon unbalanced in my opinion.

Cons: A solution must be found to obtaining a hidden ability. Giving it a random chance to appear works for the above, with the exception of Eevee, since there is no way of telling the ability of Flareon.


The Bulbapedia entry for Hidden Abilities:

[spoiler]Beginning in Generation Vmost Pokémon were given access to another Ability, referred to in-game as a Hidden Ability, if obtained under certain circumstances:

If a female Pokémon has a Hidden Ability and is bred, it has a 60% chance of giving that Ability to each of its children. Each of the other Abilities has a 20% chance of being passed down. In Generation V, Hidden Abilities cannot be passed down from male or genderless Pokémon, or when breeding with Ditto. In Generation VI, this was changed so that male and genderless Pokémon have the chance to pass down their Hidden Ability only when bred with Ditto.[/spoiler]


It might seem non canon at first, but let's admit Extremespeed/Superpower/Hp Flying (70 BP) never existed in GEN III, so if we are following the later gens as closely as possible, I think the Hidden Abilities should at least be discussed

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Just in case someone wants the list of unreleased hidden abilities/pokes without hidden abilities.


No hidden abilities:



Hidden abilities not released(gamefreak pls):



Note: volcarona's was released with the friend safari in x/y. Lampent's was changed to infiltrator(also friend safari), no shadow tag. Rufflet's available X/Y(FS)

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