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On 12/23/2018 at 11:11 AM, Bestfriends said:

Good morning fellow citizens, I hope you all are doing well. Making the Amnesia Brace tradable sounds like a good idea. As a person who use to have an EV Training service in 2014, I can vouch for the authenticity of this idea. Back then, I use to be one of the few owners of an Amnesia Brace and the demand was high, so I had to charge 200k per pokemon I trained. If this item was able to be traded around, then my service would cost a lot less.


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Please do not ask me to EV Train your pokemon. My schedule is quite tight due to my Mayoral duties. I want to close out 2018 on a strong note and hope to tackle 2019 with the same amount of determination and willpower. Stay tuned for more detail on this development.


2019 is your year @Bestfriends make it count bro!

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Could we please have some more discussion on this, particularly from the devs, I don't see why this has not been implemented yet

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Why hasn't this been done yet? Its been 5 years since this was posted and its a good idea. I'm suffering so much having a amnesia brace that I can't trade. Especially as an AFK'er. 

I have no use for the item and can't do anything to get rid of it without losing money. Bamboozled! 

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Posted (edited)

Paywalls make me feel some type of way.
I would indeed benefit from more than one Amnesia Brace.


Edited by d3rpk1ck

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Definitely should be tradeable in order to make ev training less of a chore for those people who want to train LCs or NFEs and who also cannot spend money in RP. I genuinely don't get why this isn't a thing already.

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i bought the amnesia brace years ago only to confirm ivs and havnt touched it since the release of emerald. this would make a great use for an out of date item, i dont see any downsides.

LC, donations, and happy players

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It appears to me that, such a small adjustment will benefit many players. I never thought of buying an amnesia brace using rp, but maybe ill consider it for ingame currency.  

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