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Rework Amnesia Brace



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If it were tradable pokemmo would not gain as much money as desperate people would buy it. If it were tradable there will always be them floating around, people who've bought them, traded away, then quit would have been used for 2+people when only one person bought it (the guy who quit). Making vanity items tradable gives more profit to pokemmo team as people want to sell Vanity items for pokeyen, thus buying RP points! Making the none, fancy looking items but useful items unreadable makes users buy them separately

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14 hours ago, Bishav said:

With the new level cap per badge, I feel amnesia brace has regained some importance. I have overshot my main pokemon a couple of times in the last run and boy it was frustrating. Please make it tradable. 

Agreed. Is there a reason of why it isn't trade-able? I mean this item is needed atm in the game and only way to obtain it is by buying it yourself ;/.

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