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What is Your Goal in This Game


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Heya, my goals in this game:


- Make the best Competitive Pokemon O.U. Team.

- Give the best reputation to my team/clan.

- Be the DJ of PokeMMO on the Team Speak Official PokeMMO Server.


And some personal goals (like meet my In Game friends In Real Life :3)

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I guess I really dont have a goal here anymore, kinda accomplished everything I really wanted. Has really made the game quite dull for me and doesn't really give me much ambition to really do anything

To make my fam proud

What is Your Goal in This Game   Well once you see me come in game, its either i'm assisting other players or hosting tournaments. My goal would be to assist as much players as possible and make Pok

I never went in this game with a goal a friend of mine recommended it and i was kinda in the pokemon stage again replaying the pokemon games refreshing my memories so to speak
And tbh i would have dropped out after i beat kanto if not for my friends and all i do when i come online now is just banter about. Recently tried to breed so comps but i didnt feel like it at all so im here until my friends leave prolly

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when I started in 2012, my goal was to catch a staryu with great stats and 31 attack and speed. i fished for roughly the first few months of playing, and came close, but never got one. (it took me forever to finish the storyline because of this) then, my goal was to become officer and get to know my team better as Bong was always awesome and active and i'd been around long enough. i got addicted, and stopped playing for quite a while. my goal at most points was to win a tourney, but tourneys made me nervous as hell and my debut and i think only official tournament at prom with Amanu as my partner was a failure unfortunately. however, i continued to duel, and i think got kinda better at comp, but never really anywhere near what some of my teammates were at. i made a UU team and it was awesome for a while. keeping up with the changes in breeding and juggling adult life didn't go so well, so after a while i mostly just hung out with my friends and trolled all of kanto with them. GG, pokemmo, GG.

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My Goals 


-Catch every ditto i encounter

-Be the first one to step in sinnoh region

-Catch Arceus

-Release every ditto w/o 31

-I'll tell Arceus to give me ot shiny

-tell people to call me N

-Catch a 6*31 Ditto

-Catch more legendary than tobias

-AND LASTLY ... [spoiler] Beat Ash and his crap pikashit [/spoiler]

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I want to be the very best
Like no one ever was
To catch them all is my real test
To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that's inside

Pokemon gotta catch them all its you and me
I know it's my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you're my best friend
In a world we must defend
Pokemon, a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I'll teach you
Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all


Damn beat me to it. Kudos for u sir

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Videogames are my anti-drug... among other things.

They help me live a cleaner life, less dependent on my vices.


I would like to continue having fun. I have no end-game goal in mind. Every time

I get to the end-game content I get bored easily anyway. (WoW, Everquest, Runescape)


Eventually I'd like to compete, but i'm in no rush as I'm sure that i'll be crushed

the first dozen times. 

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Join Lyle Break the stall with ridiculous gimmicks or cheap and skill-less strategies.

My dream is to become so consistent at it to be considered a good player, and not just the casual noob who uses blaziken and charizard instead of spike skarm.

I don't see that happen anytime soon  :(

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Looking back at the time I spend lots of time in this game, the things I remember and value the most are the times I hung out, chatted and had fun with friends.


Playing a game is one thing. It can be fun but eventually it will start to get boring, no matter what goals you set. What keeps me coming back is the prospect to have fun with friends, no matter what game I play.

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To beat every strong player at least once but I'd like to do a best out of 3, (this includes people i know personally and people who won officials.
Already have a few off my check list.
Then to leave a mark. (Win something big)
And finally leave this game if nothing interesting happens.

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To battle without using tiers, having fun with friends, and just completing the story mode...


sorry but this just annoys me so much i gotta try to explain this for you...

We use tiers so we can have a meta that is balanced and fun to play, without tiers it would just be a mess where everyone where running the same team or 6 salamences or something... I can understand you think it sucks that your favorite pokemon got banned and you cannot use it in comp, but its for the better of the community and the meta we have, so it can be more entertaining, challeging and fun for everyone. 

the tiers also make a whole shitton of more pokes viable. why would people ever use pokemon like roselia when we got Venusaur which outclasses roselia by a mile just because of diffrence in base stats. 


anyway Uber-battles are tierless where anything is allowed, in officals clauses are still abled so you are still limited to a small degree. But you can turn them off aswell when battling in verm. 

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