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What is Your Goal in This Game


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Back in 2012 when I started, my goals included:


-Finding shiny Teddiursa or buying one.- done, February 2013.

-Make a nice national team (I've become leader of one. Forever Kult<3)

-To be best bear trainer here*


*Summer 2013. Me and someone called MojBear or something like that battled almost everyday to find out who is best Bear here. This son of a polar bear was winning so many times, I wanted global warming to become even bigger.
End of this summer- I spend some time planning my team and beat the honey outta him. He later quits and we never fight again.

If you're reading this, Mo-something-Bear, I want you to know- I've won <3



TL:DR- I'm a bear. Rawr.




Btw, goal for 2015/16- gonna take my old alt character and make whole adventure again <3

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I started just to play a game together with my sister and my girlfriend. (My sister got us hooked.)


My goal atm. is to breed and raise at least one competitive OU pokemon (including gatherin all relevant information) to get a feeling what this tournament thing must feel like.

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My goal is to start playing again after five long years since the last time.
I'm still waiting for the email change, the wait is taking so long. T__T


Maybe later i'll try to enter the Hall of Fame again, at least one time!

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