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1 hour ago, RysPicz said:

Tis true it's a bit early for the fireworks especially when Juve couldn't play with their strongest squad (and the match was on Camp No U), however you must admit they did look seriously good and that win was pretty convincing.

It's a great start to the season, but everyone is fresh. Just don't think the quality in depth is there to sustain it for a whole season and compete with a stacked Real side (albeit slightly less stacked than last year). In midfield we could have had Samper and Roberto providing great backup but one is getting benched for Paulinho and the other has been loaned out. Instead we've got Gomes (poor guy) and Rakitic.  If Raki plays like 3 years ago maybe, but I'll have to see it to believe it. 


Then again, we've got Messi. 

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They won fair and square. but its funny how most barca fans are now standing up again like they gonna win everything by just winning vs a little struggling juventus. The team im most scared of right now is PSG. they look really scary now.

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Just now, Jordzi said:

Tbh Dortmund were pretty naive. Respect for the way they play but it's an away game in Europe. Spurs played it pretty much perfectly. Kane is phenomenal. 

Dortmund had the run of the ball for the majority of the game, after our burst in the first 20 mins of the first half I felt we really dropped off a lot. We should have converted more chances, and easily could have scored at least 6 if we did. But either way I'm happy, Kane MVP

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19 minutes ago, Jordzi said:

Ridiculous red from the ref too at the end, but at least Vertonghen won't miss the Real game (I don't think?)


Also, lol Liverpool. Lovren is a clown. 

Yeah, since it was a second yellow and not a straight red, he'll only miss the next game vs Apoel thankfully.


And lmao, I didn't know they choked away the win xd classic liverpool

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12 minutes ago, AlitoFernando said:

85m well spent from chelsea as Alvaro Morata scores his first hat trick,Kanté always at the top this boy is instoppable.

PS:Also Stoke 1-0 Arsenal

              Stoke 0-4 Chelsea

              Arsenal 0-5 Chelsea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

omg illuminati confirmed


another fun fact: currently Leo Messi has scored as many goals as entire Real Madrid team

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I hope italy won't pass the turn. The ct is a fucking poop who isn't able to send on the field an organaized team. The way he choose players is also fucking stupid

Does he play in Seria A? 

-Yes: choose him

-No: Did he played with Torino?

--Yes: choose him

--No: he isn't ready for the national team



>4 2 4 



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