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Football discussion thread

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2 hours ago, Arimanius said:

Just in case I'm betting Bayern destroys Real, not the opposite

Yeah, I know 

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Bayer vs madrid

Barca vs juve

Atleti vs leicester




Dont want to risk on boru vs monaco tbh... Boru looks better but they can surprised

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2 minutes ago, Parke said:

hahahahaa I love watching Arsenal lose for this

As a Spurs fan I'm having a fucking great time this season 

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5 hours ago, Erayne said:

@Zymogen was our bet about tonight match or both matches?

I'm happy to do 100k per game, or 100k for just this game, or 100k for the aggregate score at the end of both legs :] 


Shall we say 100k per game to make it interesting?


E: You'll have to keep me updated on Facebook though because I'm gunna be busy


E2: Void if tie 

Edited by Zymogen

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That moment when your favorite referee isn't there to carry you :) 

Edited by Arimanius

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17 hours ago, RysPicz said:

Gomes in 1st squad of barcelona. that's gonna be such an ez game for juve, this guy is literally wood



I'm actually surprised it ended up with only 3-0 and not more. Mandzukic doe should be getting second yellow card in 2nd half imo, but it's not like referee printed the result, Barca is just absolute shit, especially with gomes in squad. Mathieu looked like a 60 year old guy, so surprised that you can play that fast. I wonder if they're still regreting selling Bartra for nothing and buying that shitty piece of wood which keeps catching injuries over and over

Edited by RysPicz

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9 hours ago, Chjul19 said:

I take.


Also, @Arimanius we should call some staff member to hold the yen.

Sounds good, but I can't do it now because I'm at work and I'm out after the game but since there will be another game left we can find a staff today to do it (@Bearminator pls) and I'll mail him the money when I'm out 

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2 hours ago, Bearminator said:

@Arimanius @Chjul19 I was sure you will mail me 200k each haha, got money from both of you :)

Well the match was a tie so voided, u can keep 200k for the trouble and send me the rest without any problem, ty bear :D

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