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Allow a borrow option for trade.



The idea is simple its like a normal trade except instead of a final trade you set an amount of time you want to let this person use this pokemon or item and after that time is up the pokemon or item automatically goes back to its owner. 


Why do this?

Well you guys (the devs) have mentioned wanting to implement rentable pokemon. Imo it would be better to, instead of implementing another money sink, you could implement another way for players to earn money from other players. Players could charge other players to use their pokemon for a tourny, breeding, etc. And when the time is up youre guaranteed to get your poke back. This would also be good for newer players who could rent pokemon for breeding to get their own comps.


This would also help to prevent trusting people from getting their pokemon stolen outright. It will allow people to help others, perhaps a new player in your team, in breeding and such w/o having to worry about whether that person is a scammer or not.


Some things to keep in mind if implemented


1. The two trade types, normal and borrow, would have to have noticeably different trade windows. This is to prevent scamming.


2. When you have a borrowed pokemon you should not be able to make any alterations on it, even via daycare. Borrowed pokes would not have the option to "play with other pokemon" while in the daycare.


3. Borrowed pokes will not be able to be traded to other players.

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The ability to 'lend' or allow others to borrow your Pokemon is a feature we are currently looking into, hopefully you'll see it surface in the near future.

Is this in the 2016 update Kyu alluded to in another topic?

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I feel like it should be locked like you can do for yen , in case people switch it in trades ( like buys shiny puts rent ) gets scammed .

Yea thats why i suggested that the trade windows need to be blatantly different, to prevent that kind of thing.

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one thing i worry about is you should not allow the pokemon to get stored in the pc to get released it is forced to stay in pt and the char is forced to remain online till the pokemon poofs into party however if your party is full it should go to your pc and you get a notification stating your pokemon has arrived in your pc and state which box it is in.

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