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Changelog: 19/08/2014


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21/08/2014 Patch:
  • Fixed several server crashes which could result in AI freezing in a battle.
  • Fixed several client crashes.
  • Fixed an issue where moves/abilities with a turn-skip function (e.g. Truant/Fake Out) would not behave correctly in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where relogging inside of the Trainer Tower could force you back to the lobby prematurely.
  • Fixed an issue where leaving the Trainer Tower early would result in no Battle Points being paid out.
  • Fixed several nonsensical wild spawns.
  • Fixed Trainer Card texture rendering.
  • Fixed an issue where Choice Band would deal more damage than intended.
  • Fixed happiness for parties in Trainer Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where fishing rods would visibly be usable while in battle.
  • Fixed NPC interaction with President in Silph Co.
  • Reduced TT entrance fee.
  • Shards are now more prevalent in the world.
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24/08/2014 Patch:
  • Fixed an issue where certain Controller configurations could make the Settings menu inaccessible.
  • Fixed preset controller configurations not loading correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where certain battle functions could erroneously be called multiple times.
  • Fixed an issue where, under certain circumstances, AI in Double Battles would not have been able to choose a suitable swap after fainting which could result in the battle not being able to proceed.
  • Fixed an issue where, if the player used a revive with only 1 party member alive, and attempted to swap into the revived party member, a deadlock could occur.
  • Fixed an issue where Struggle could be affected by Torment.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple Release dialogues could be generated via certain actions.
  • Mail / Enigma Berries may now be Tricked / Thiefed.
  • Fixed an issue where Trainer Tower NPC items could be Thiefed permanently.
  • TMs are no longer usable inside the Trainer Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where colourable Gift Shop items would not render the default colour tint.
  • Updated FAQ
  • Fixed an issue where Lickitung would not be able to flee in the Safari Zone.
  • Fixed an issue where Desu's Labcoat was colourable on purchase.
Players who own a colourable version of the item Desu's Labcoat with a default Grey tint may have theirs traded for a non-coloured, White version by sending a PM to Desu on the Forums with the PM title "Labcoat Colour Exchange".
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