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Hello and Welcome to the one and only, Ploegy's Art Kingdom     It has been far too long since I opened shop and this thing is still around some how. This began as a simple signature sh

My children, I have returned from the dead to fulfill your requests. A New Year comes and Ploegy comes back. Thank you for all your kind comments that were said while I was gone <3 I shall now get

Rest in Peace, Mr. Iwata. You brought so much joy into my life with the many games you helped develop.

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16 minutes ago, Bilburt said:

You know it sucks when Kiz doesnt even like it anymore

you right. he hates me now. smh

14 minutes ago, fredrichnietze said:

tfw bil skips dnd to stalk forums

sorry he loves me more than dnd

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5 hours ago, Platoons said:

jokes i only play fortnite


Fortnite IGN: Platoons

jokes on you, when you grow up you'll forever look back and feel bad for missing out of 12 year old vampire loli senile

not vampire historical german party that was tyranical 

Edited by fredrichnietze
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