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[Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom (Closed!)

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Nice, I didnt even know she was having a drawing contest. Also thats more than what I did, I have to write a 25 paper report which is due on monday and I haven't even started

Well it just started up, but I got a really good idea so I wanted to get it drawn before I forgot about it xD Have a month to work on it

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So this is a super secret drawing a sketch of my idea for munya's contest and I'm gonna post it so I don't look like I've been a complete lazy shit of late, but sh I really didn't want to give away my idea, but I love it so much that I'm gonna let you guys see plus I'm sure nobody that is judging is gonna look here anyways so it's all good. Enjoy this intense fancyoff battle between Superhero Ploegy and her Arch-rival Pinkwings.





Also the whole idea is to stop Pink from Swalotting any longer[/spoiler]

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