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[ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - August AND September Team Tournament winners!- 2peat edition

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Yop Yop fam,


This time it is the good one, you all know ima leave in march for around 9 months (or more). Still have some shits to sell.


All pokemons listed can go for 150k/ea (please take them if u really need xd).








Modest Arca 26/30/30/31/31/31 - Heat Wave (14pp), Espeed (8pp), HP Ice, Morning Sun (8pp)

Timid Houndoom 26/xx/26/31/25/31 - HP Ice, Flame, Pursuit, Crunch - Egg: Beat up, Pursuit, Dbond

Naive Blazi 26/30/26/31/31/31 - Superpower (8pp), FBlast (8pp), HP Ice, EQ

Naughty Zard 27/31/31/26/27/31 - Wing Atk, HP Elec, EQ, Flame - Egg: DD, outrage, Crunch

Modest Zard  25/xx/29/30/31/31 - Flame, HP Grass, Sunny Day, AncientPower (8pp) - Egg: AncientPower

Bold Magcargo 29/xx/29/29/29/29 - Flame, Recover (16pp), Toxic, AncientPower (8pp) - Egg: Curse




Timid Venu 27/xx/25/30/29/30 - Sludge, HP Fire, Growth, Giga 

Ada Venu 31/31/28/xx/29/31 - SD, EQ, Bullet Seed, Return

Modest Victree 26/xx/26/31/27/31 - Giga, Sludge, Growth, Synthesis (8pp) - Egg: Leech Life

Timid Sceptile 28/xx/28/30/31/30 - Giga (16pp), Endeavor (8pp), HP Fire, Sub

Careful Crad 31/31/31/xx/30/22 - Rest (12pp), RS (12pp), Curse (12pp), Bullet Seed - Egg: Recover, RS, Barrier, Curse




Bold Duck 31/xx/31/30/31/31 - Surf, Disable, HP Elec, CM - Egg: Yawn

Bold Mie 28/xx/31/20/25/21 - Surf, Rapid Spin, HP Grass, Recover (16pp)

Timid Mie 29/xx:20/26/27/31 - Tbolt, Surf, HP Grass, Psychic

Careful Gyara 31/28/31/xx/31/26 - Waterfall, Rest, Crunch, T Wave

Modest Kingdra 25/xx/25/29/29/31 - Surf, HP Dragon, Rain Dance, Ice Beam - THAT GOD IS WILD

Impish Qwilfish 31/29/31/xx/28/29 - Waterfall, T Wave, Toxic, Spikes 

Ada Poli (OT Tyrone) 31/31/28/xx/30/31 - Waterfall, BB, Belly, Sub

Ada Cloy 27/29/29/xx/29/31 - Explo, Rock Blast, Clamp, Icicle Spear - Egg: Icicle, RB, Bubble Beam, Water Pulse




Bold Weez 29/xx/28/27/29/26 - WoW, Sludge, Flame, PS - Egg: Wow

Bold Weez 30/xx/30/31/31/31 - TBolt, HP Ice, Flame, PS - Egg: Screech, Wow, Spite




Sassy Queen 28/30/30/29/28/22 - EQ, IceBeam, Sludge, Moonlight (8pp)

Jolly Flygon 31/31/31/xx/31/31 - DClaw, EQ, TPunch, QA

Modest Flygon 28/xx/28/31/28/30 - Giga (12pp), Flame, HP Rock, DBreath

Modest Flygon 28/xx/28/29/31/31 - FireBlast (8pp), Giga, HP Ice, DBreath 

Ada Donphan 26/31/27/xx/29/31 - RS, D-E, Superpower, EQ 

Ada Rhyp 28/31/28/xx/28/31 - D-E, Rock Blast, Megahorn, EQ - Egg: Crunch and Element fangs

Impish Steelix 29/28/31/xx/30/26 - RS, D-E, EQ, Explo




Impish Skarm 31/26/31/xx/30/28 - Dirll peck, Spikes, Counter, Rest - Egg: Drill peck, WW, Curse

Impish Skarm 31/27/31/xx/31/29 - Drill peck, Rest, Spikes, WW - Egg: WW? Pursuit, Drill peck

Impish Klingklang 31/24/27/xx/26/24 - Charge, Toxic, Gear grind, Rest

Impish Fore 28/28/31/xx/28/25 - Rapid Spin, Spikes, Pin Missile, EQ - Egg: Pin missile




Lonely Machamp 31/31/23/22/31/30 - Low Kick, EQ? Flame, TPunch 

Impish Top 28/31/28/xx/29/26 - EQ, Mach Punch, Toxic, Rapid Spin - Egg: Mach, Pursuit, Helping Hand

Careful Top 25/28/26/xx/28/20 - Bulk Up, Rest, Aerial Ace, Mach - Egg: Mach, Pursuit, helping Hand

Careful Chan 31/29/29/xx/27/26 - Bulk Up, Rest, Thief, Mach Punch - Egg: Mach, Pursuit, helping Hand

Jolly Primeape 28/31/28/xx/30/31 - EQ, Low Kick, Return, Thief




Adamant Bull (OT Gbwead) 30/31/31/xx/30/27 - Bulk Up, Superpower, Crunch, D-E - Egg: Crunch, D-E

Jolly Bull 28/31/28/xx/28/31 - EQ, Return, Superpower (8pp), Return

Impish Bull 29/28/29/xx/29/30 - Return, Rest (12pp), Heal bell (8pp), Crunch - Egg: heal bell

Bold Chansey 31/xx/31/xx/29/xx - Wish (16pp), Protect (16pp), Seismic toss (32pp), Heal bell (8pp)

Bold Chansey (Can't be evolved) 28/xx/31/xx/29/31 - Wish (16pp), Seismic Toss (32pp), Counter, Heal bell (8pp)

Careful Kecleon 31/27/31/xx/31/28 - T Wave, Return, Thief, Recover (16pp) - Egg: Recover

Calm Pory 2 31/xx/28/25/29/23 - Tri Atk (16pp), Thunderbolt, Toxic, Recover (16pp)

Sassy Pory 2 29/30/28/30/31/27 - Return, Recover, Toxic, Thunderbolt

Sassy Lax 29/28/26/30/20/25 - Body Slam, Crunch, Rest, FireBlast (FUCKING WILD POKEMON)

Ada Tauros 29/28/28/26/27/31 - Pursuit, Return, Zen Headbutt, EQ

Jolly Cate 28/31/27/xx/27/31 - Crunch, QA, Flame Wheel, D-E - Egg: Flame Wheel, Reversal




Timid Kadabra 28/xx/30/30/29/30 - Psychic (16pp), Shadow ball, HP Fire, Signal Beam

Timid Kazam 29/xx/28/30/27/30 - Psychic (16pp), Trick, HP Fire, Signal Beam - Egg: Knock Off

Timid Espeon 28/xx/28/30/31/30 - Psychic (16pp), shadow Ball, Calm Mind, HP Fire - Egg: Wish

Calm Gardevoir 31/xx/29/28/30/31 - Psychic (16pp), Wish (16pp), HP Ground, Protect (16pp)

Bold Pig 29/31/27/27/26/27 - Signal beam, Psychic (16pp), Rest, Calm Mind

Bold Chime 30/xx/30/30/30/30 - HP Fight, Psychic (14pp), Recover (16pp), Heal Bell (8pp) - Egg: Wish, Disable, Recover

Impish Solrock 31/24/27/xx/30/26 - EQ, RS, Toxic, Morning Sun (8pp)




Ada Ninjask 28/31/25/xx/28/27 - SD, Slash, Aerial Ace, Leech life

Jolly Beedrill 27/31/26/xx/28/31 - Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Pin Missile, SD

Bold Schuckle 29/xx/29/xx/30/xx - Encore (8pp), Toxic (16pp), Knock Off (32pp), Rest (16pp)




Jolly Aero 27/31/28/xx/28/31 - Sub (16pp), Wing Atk, Protect (35pp), WW - Egg: Pursuit, WW




Ada Sudo 27/30/30/29/28/29 - RS, Curse, EQ, D-E - Egg: Curse




Jolly pika (OT Noad) 25/27/28/xx/31/31 - Espeed (8pp), Flail (24pp), Sub (16pp), Reversal (24pp) 

Calm Raichu 31/xx/31/28/31/28 - Thunderbolt (18pp), Wish (16pp), Protect (16pp), Surf - Egg: Wish

Timid Jolt 27/xx/28/31/31/31 - Thunderbolt, Wish, HP Ice, Sub - Egg: Wish




Careful Umbreon 31/27/25/xx/31/28 - QA, Bite, Curse (14pp), Rest (14pp) - Egg: Curse, Wish

Ada Sneasel 28/31/26/xx/29/31 - Bite, Low Kick, Ice Punch, SD - Egg: Pursuit, Bite, Fake out




Timid Haunter 30/xx/30/30/30/30 - Sludge, HP Fight, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball - Egg: Smog, WoW

Ada Golurk 26/27/31/xx/28/31 - Shadow Punch, TPunch, Fire Punch, EQ

Also have some dittos, good breeders, hunters and collectors pokemons, items, tms .... . Pm for infos :).


Enjoy o7

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On 27/01/2018 at 10:56 AM, fredrichnietze said:

i wouldnt pay 150k for her would you?

Why would you pay for something you can get for free ? xd

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who is that hot guy in the left part


and the guy in the middle is dumbbreath omg lOL

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24 minutes ago, DarylDixon said:

who is that hot guy in the left part


and the guy in the middle is dumbbreath omg lo.


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12 hours ago, ErrorGlumac said:

I thought you quit. Gtfo

6 days left uguu

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page king moda

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Hey fam,


You all know am leaving in 4 days so I just wanted to thanks all of you. Brahs, friends, am lucky coz I met wonderful people and friends here.

Should be able to log once or twice a week If i am lucky xd (but clearly think it won't be possible haha).

9 months are long but you all know it is what I wanted for 5 years now, and all my sacrifices finally paid.

Won't forget you, ima still catch you on whatssap and discord anyway so.


Love you, cya and take care o7


Kaero, Max, Grey, Axel or who the fuck you prefer :p <3


PS: @RysPicz take that shiny lanturn pls









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