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[ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - August AND September Team Tournament winners!- 2peat edition

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Hey everyone!

I have decided to start up my own competitive team, that I decided to call “Pokemon Aura”. You have maybe seen me else where here on the forums as SirGaryOak, in game with the character name LeGaryOak or on the PokeMMO TeamSpeak as LeGaryOak. I want this team to be consisting of competitive players only, but a few layed back shiny tradersarrow-10x10.png who have some interest in competitive play will be allowed here as well. 

This forum page is the continuing of our old forum page, and is made to improve the old one. First of all we will have a lot more space than we used to, on the old page I barely had any space to add achievements along will all the other stuff I wanted. Second of all this forum account will be shared between me and the officers, so it can updated more frequently and well just to make it all more baldsmooth.



We do not recruit anymore.

Anyway, if you would still like to join...



-Message to applying players-


You can either write in team thread or PM YettoDie/ MaeKaaay/ Kaerodactyl/ SpartacusGD/ BlueBreath/ TheFireLion or Forfiter on the forums or in-game to inquire about joining.


Fill in the following form:



How long have you been playing:

What tier(s) do you play:


Past team(s):

Why do you want to join this team? :

Are you a curious person?:



Criterias we take during recruitment:


a ) If people from team can vouch for your credibility, your chances of staying after the invitation drascitly rose. Don't be misled by those words though- if you prove to be an active, nice person, you will surely be accepted as well.


b ) Your competitive skills can have a big impact on your chances, but we are mostly searching for active people who know how to behave. It's not a requirement but definietly a very nice and desired thing in here.


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Team Tournament

These are monthly competitive tournaments where teams can test their skill against each other.
Players battle as teams (3 at a time). Teams can switch out which members compete between rounds


1st place: 9

2nd place: 5



April ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [PoAu] Pokemon Aura ~ 2nd Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors

September ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] AsgardWarriors - 2nd Place [PoAu] Pokemon Aura

October ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [AW] AsgardWarriors - 2nd Place [PoAu] PokemonAura



October ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [LAQ] Latin Squad



January ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [VØLT] ViveLaVideLoka

February ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [LYLE] KingCheerios - 2nd Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura

May ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [Aw] Asgard Warriors - 2nd Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura

September Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [LYLE] KingCheerios

November ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [SaKé] LaughingCoffin - 2nd Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura



March ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [RmW] RedMarkWarrir

April ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [HURO] HYRULESxHEROS

September ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi 



August ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [WÎSH] TeamWishHax

September ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place [ÄURA] Pokemon Aura - 2nd Place [SIA] Sic Atur Ad Astra








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Forfiter ( @RysPicz)



YettoDie ( @YettoDie)

BlueBreath ( @xXBlu3BreathXx)

MaeKaaay ( @Maekaaay)



TheFireLion ( @LionKIng)

Bestfriends ( @Bestfriends )

Axellgor ( @Axelgor )

Excavalier ( @DarylDixon )













































Forfi's 308953598 alt accountsarrow-10x10.png , trial members x) & Inactive people



Excavalier (DarylDixonTWD)


Honorary Ex-Members



NoadHunter (Noad)




















Viridian PC. Channel 3





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Official achievements - ebeec8cb0c700daa473d7a6dfa819b71.png - c07a9786a1fda729d1b7e60d7f5475b6.png - 7fa5ec17f49bbd71647af9de8643e24a.png-





Daniellegal1st place in Wednesday Night Doubles [November Edition] 6v6 OU Doubles, Bracket; 20. November 2013 (Shiny Aipom + Masters Invite)




Daniellegal1st place in Petit Cup 3 [February 14] 6v6 Singles Petit Cup Format, Bracket; 14. February 2014 (Shiny Duskull)

Fujimura3rd place in UU Weekend [Saturday] 6v6 UU, Bracket; 15. February 2014 (Underdogs Reserve Ticket)

NoadHunter & Bluejim2nd place in NU Tag Team [March 28] 6v6 NU Tag Team Format, Bracket; 26. March 2014 (None)

Bluejim2nd place in Borderline Tournament 6v6 OU only current Borderline Pokemon allowed, Bracket; 10. April 2014 (500 Reward Points)

Forfiter1st place in Standard UU 6v6 UU, Bracket; 18. April 2014 (Shiny Grimer)

Jayfeatskydd1st place in Standard Doubles 6v6 Doubles, Bracket; 25. April 2014 (Shiny Electrode)

Forfiter2nd place in STAB Tournament 4v4 STAB Move Format, Bracket; 27. April 2014 (500 Reward Points)

LeGaryOak3rd place in Underdog Invitational Finale 6v6 UU, Bracket; 15. February 2014 (None)


Daniellegal2nd place in Monotype Mashup 4v4 Monotype Format, Bracket; 18. May 2014 (500 Reward Points)

Forfiter2nd place in School of Brock 6v6 UU + Trivia Format, Bracket(no link available); 22. May 2014 (500 Reward Points)

LeGaryOak1st place in STAB Tournament #2 4v4 STAB Move Format, Bracket; 25. May 2014 (Shiny Shuckle)

sfSkump1st place in Psyduck Hunt Psyduck Hunt Format, Psy-Psy?; 30. June 2014 (1000 Reward Points)

JonazDK2nd place in UU Clash 6v6 UU, Bracket; 5. July 2014 (500 Reward Points)

Forfiter2nd place in STAB Tournament 4v4 STAB Move Format, Bracket; 6. July 2014 (500 Reward Points)

makarovmaster2nd place in Standard OU Tournament 6v6 OU; Bracket; 20. June 2014 (500 Reward Points)

StriderXD 1splace;  NU Fight Night 6v6 NU, Bracket 6. August 2014 (Shiny Minun)

Jayfeatskydd  2nd place;  NU Fight Night 6v6 NU, Bracket 6. August 2014 

BlueJim2nd place in Colour Tournament 6v6 UU, Bracket; 20. August 2014 (500RP)

makarovmaster2nd place in Friaday Night 50s 6v6 OU; Bracket; 12. September 2014 (500 Reward Points)

Daniellegal1st place in Little Cup Tournament 4v4 lvl 5  Bracket; 20. September 2014 (Shiny Sentret)


Jayfeatskydd2nd place in Little Cup Tournament 4v4 lvl 5  Bracket; 20. September 2014 (500 RP)

LeGaryOak2nd place in Oceanic Tournament 6v6 UU, Bracket; 26. September 2014 (500 RP)

YettoDie1st place in UU Clash 6v6 UU, Bracket; 28. September 2014 (Shiny Pikachu)

Jayfeatskydd1st place in Bandstorm 4v4 OU, Bracket; 31. September 2014 (Shiny Mankey)

Forfiter2nd place in OU Showdown 6v6 OU, Bracket; 18. October 2014 (500 Reward Points)

Forfiter2nd in UU Clash 6v6 UU, Bracket; 19. October 2014 (500 Reward Points)

Bluejim2nd place in Oceanic OU Tournament 6v6 OU, Bracket; 01. November 2014 (500 Reward Points)




StriderXD 1st place; NU Brawl  6V6 NU Bracket 8. November 2015 (Shiny Shuckle)

Bluejim1st place in Down 4 The Count 6v6 OU (only damaging moves allowed), Bracket; 09. November 2014 (Shiny Voltorb)

Jayfeatskydd2nd place  in Wednesday Night Doubles 6v6 Doubles, Bracket; 12. November 2014 (500 RP)

Forfiter and NikhilR <3; 1st place in PokeMMO Prom Night Best couple Poll Popularity contest, No bracket available; 14-15 November 2014 (1 Million pokeyen for each)

Forfiter2nd in One Type to Rule Them All 4v4 Monotype, Bracket; 19. November 2014 (500 Reward Points)

Jayfeatskydd2nd place  in Friday Evening Fifties 6v6 OU, Bracket; 21. November 2014 (500 RP)

LeGaryOak1st place in Oceanic UU Tournament 6v6 UU, Bracket; 29. November 2014 (Shiny Cubone)

TheFireLion2nd place in  Tier Clash Bracket Tier Clash,  Bracket;  19.December 2014 

YettoDie; 2nd place in The Fight Before Christmas 3v3 X-mas Brawl, Bracket22.December 2014 

Jayfeatskydd1st place in The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny 1v1, Bracket 11.January 2015

LightLeaks; 1st place in Standard OU Tournament 6v6 OU,  Bracket 7.March 2015

Bluejim; 1st place in UU Friday Tournament 6V6 UU,  Bracket 27. March 2015

SirVector; 2nd place Flannery's Quick Fire Questions OU/Trivia, No bracket 10. March 2015

TheFireLion; 1st place in Friday Night UU 6v6 UU, Bracket 15. May 2015

TheFireLion; 2nd place in UU Friday Tournament 6v6 UU, Bracket 29. May 2015

Jayfeatskyd2nd place in Blue Ou Tournament  6v6 OU, Bracket 6. June 2015

SirVector  1splace;  The Great PokeMMO Treasure Hunt 2: The Hunt Strikes Back 30. July 2015 (1.000.000 Pokeyen)

Forfiter along with NikhilR; 1st place in Tag Team Tournament 6v6 OU/UU/NU, Bracket1. August 2015 (1.000.000 PokeYen each, Shiny gift Ludicolo for Nik, Shiny gift Lanturn for Forfi)

Fredrichnietze 2nd place in Standard Doubles 6v6 Doubles, Bracket 11. July 2015 (10.000 Battle Points)

SirVector  1splace in Hoenn Safari Hunt , 15. July 2015 (1.000.000 Pokeyen + Shiny comp Gloom with HP Fire)

overToasted 2nd place in Summer Ball Qualifier #3 6v6 UU, Bracket 19. July 2015 (10.000 Battle Points + Masters invite)

Gunthug  1splace in  Creative writing Contest

Elcoolio 2nd place in PokeMMO Team Building Challenge

Senjutsuka 3rd place in Summer Ball Qualifier #16v6 UUBracket 5. July 2015 (Reserves invite)

Arimanius  1st place in Monday Night UU 6v6 UU, Bracket, 17. August 2015 (Shiny gift Granbull + 1000 RP)

SirVector  1st place in Design your own PokeBall

overToasted 1st place in Return of the Clefairy Cup: Metronome's Revenge, 3v3 Metronome battle, Bracket, 12. September 2015 (Shiny gift Volbeat)

LeGaryOak2nd place in Bellossom's Tea Party, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 8. September 2015 (10.000 Battle Points)

overToasted 2nd place in OU is Irrelephant, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 9. October 2015 (500.000 Pokeyen)

imabetheverybest 1st place in CatchMMO Safari Edition, 6v6 Safari caught pokes, Bracket, 3. October (Shiny gift Pikachu with Volt Tackle + 1.000.000 Pokeyen)

Elcoolio 1st place in Friday Night UU, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 16. October (Shiny gift Corphish + 1.000.000 Pokeyen)

Arimanius 1st place in Oceanic UU: October Edition, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 17. October (Shiny gift Marill + 1000 RP)

Pokemon Aura1st place in Team Tournament October 6v6 OU + UU + Doubles, Bracket; 31. October 2015 (Hall of Fame Spot + 3x 500.000$ for imabetheverybest, Arimanius and Forfiter)

Arimanius  1st place in 6v6 UU Beach Party 6v6 UU, Bracket, 29. October 2015 (Shiny gift Krabby + 1.000.00 Pokeyen)

Arimanius  1st place in PokeMMO's Trick or Treat Tournament  6v6 Tier Shift, Bracket, 30. October 2015 (Shiny gift Houndour + 1000 RP)


Raptori 1st place in No Slacking Monday, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 2. November 2015 (Shiny Slakoth + 1000 RP)

overToasted 1st place in November's Double Trouble Weekend, 6v6 Doubles, Bracket, 8. November 2015 (Shiny gift Heracross + 1.000.000 PokeYen)

Arimanius  2nd place in 1v1 OU Mayhem, 1v1 OU, Bracket, 19. November 2015 (500 RP)

Arimanius  2nd place in Black Friday Brawl, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 27. November 2015 (500 RP)




Elcoolio 2nd place in Doubles Hype Train #1, 6v6 Doubles, Bracket, 18. January 2016 (500 RP)

Elcoolio 2nd place in Is that a UU in the distance?, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 20. January 2016 (500 RP)
DoctorPBJ  2nd place in Doubles Hype Train #3, 6v6 DoublesBracket, 6. February 2016 (500 RP)

overToasted 1st place in Sunday Night Scrimmage 3, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 7. February 2016 (Shiny comp gift Baltoy + 1000 Reward Points)


iSubZero (Gazelli) 2nd place in NU Royal Battle , 6v6 NU, Bracket, 7. February 2016 (500,000 $$)


SirVector 1st place & Senjutsuka 2nd place in Clefairy Cuples, 4v4 Metronome, Bracket, 14. February 2016 (Shiny comp volbeat + 1m & 500,000 $$)


DoctorPBJ 2nd place in Togepi Cup, 3v3 little Cup, Bracket, 5. March 2016 (500,000 $$)


overToasted 1st place in March Double Trouble, 6v6 Doubles, Bracket, 6. March 2016 (shiny comp starmie + 1m)


DoctorPBJ 1st place in The Togepi Cup, 6v6 Little Cup, Bracket, 16. April 2016 (Shiny comp cubone + 1m)


SirVector 2nd place in Team Rocket's Recruitment, Catch event, 24. April 2016 (500,000 $$)


ArfArf 1st place in Bandstorm Returns, 4v4 OU, Bracket, 28. April 2016 (shiny comp medicham + 1m)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Colossal Competitive Conquest, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 30. April 2016 ( 2m )

Gluumac 1st place in Gengar's Ghostly Games, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 6. May 2016 (Shiny comp gengar + 1m)


BlueBreath 1st place in Friday Night Throwdown V, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 27. May 2016 ( shiny comp duskull + 1m)


Gluumac & Leorodo 2nd place in A magnificient Duo, 6v6 OU/NU, Bracket, 11. June 2016 (400,000 $$ ea/)


Gazelli 2nd place in Volcano's Clash, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 13. June 2016 (500,000 $$)


DoctorPBJ 1st place in Double or Nothing, 6v6 Double, Bracket, 2. July 2016 (shiny comp larvitar + 1,5m)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Sharpedo's Shark Attack, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 8. July 2016 (500,000 $$)


YettoDie 1st place & DoctorPBJ 2nd place in Little Cup's Return, 6v6 Little Cup, Bracket, 9. July 2016 (Shiny comp vastly + 1m & 500,000 $$)


Gazelli 2nd place in Koffing's Toxic Tournament, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 12. July 2016 (500,000 $$)


DoctorPBJ 2nd place in Arcanine's Dog House, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 16. July 2016 (500,000 $$)


Arimanius 1st place in Swellow's Flight Academy, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 24. July 2016 (shiny comp swallow + 1m)


Lazaaro 1st place in Poliwrath's Fight Club, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 26. July 2016 (shiny comp poliwrath + 1m)


Arimanius 1st place in Friday Evening UU, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 29. July 2016 (shiny comp mareep + 1m)


DoctorPBJ 2nd place in Amazing Doubles Showdown, 6v6 Double, Bracket, 6. August 2016 (700,000 $$)


Forfiter 1st place in UU Strikes Again, 6v6 UU, Bracket,  14. August 2016 (shiny comp donphan + 1m)


AlateaOlwynYettoDieStriderXDBlueBreath - Winners in Return of Team Scavenger Hunt, 16. August 2016 (500,000 $$ ea/)


Lazaaro 1st place in Kingler's Beach party, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 22. August 2016 (shiny comp kingler + 1m)


Lazaaro 1st place in Oceanic August Tournament, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 20. August 2016 (shiny comp exeggutor + 1m)


DoctorPBJ 2nd place in Makuhita's Metronome Melee, 3v3 Metronome, Bracket, 4. September 2016 (500,000 $$)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Incredible M'Champ, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 6. September 2016 (700,000 $$)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Marowak's Doubles Cup, 6v6 Double, Bracket, 8. September 2016 (500,000 $$)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Haunter's Trick House, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 22. September 2016 (700,000 $$)


Lazaaro 1st place in Whiscash's Wild Water Rapids, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 26. September 2016 (shiny comp whiscash + 1m)


whilt 1st place in Free Wailmy, catch event, 3. October 2016 (shiny comp wailmer + 1m)


YettoDie 1st place in Little Cup League #2, 6v6 Little Cup, Bracket, 14. October 2016 (shiny comp aron + 1m)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Magbrawl LC Finale, 6v6 Little Cup, Bracket, 29. October 2016 (800,000 $$)


SpartacusGD 1st place in Oceanic OU October Tournament, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 29. October 2016 (shiny comp koffing + 1m)


Forfiter 1st place in UU StarShower, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 6. November 2016 (shiny comp clefable + 1m)


Forfiter 1st place in Kizhaz The Blues, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 12. November 2016 (shiny comp nidoran m + 1m)


SidClassic 2nd place in Slime Time, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 17. December 2016 (500,000$$)


Forfiter 2nd place in Drowzee's Wake Up, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 30. December 2016 (500,000 $$)


TheFireLion 2nd place in NU Years Eve, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 31. December 2016 (500,000 $$)




LordOfAngmar 1st place in Double Trouble Tournament #12, 6v6 Double, Bracket, 4, January 2017 (shiny comp tentacruel + 1m)


Gluumac 1st place in Mama Mia! A Monotype Tournament, 4v4 Monotype, Bracket, 31, January 2017 (shiny comp machamp + 1m)

Raptori 1st place in In a pinch [OU] 6v6 OU, Bracket, 5. February 2017 (Shiny Flygon + 1000 RP)


Forfiter 1st place in Oceanic 2017 #2, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 19, February 2017 (Shiny comp spearow + 1m)


Axellgor 2nd place in NU Rumble #1, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 26, February 2017 (500,000 $$)


Forfiter 2nd place in NU Rumble #2, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 6, March 2017 (500,000 $$)


Bluebreath (& Raptori) 2nd place and Sheroo (& Parke) 3rd place in Will UU go to the prom with me?, 6v6 OU/UU Team Tag, Bracket, 11, March 2017


Axellgor 1st place in NU rumble #3, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 23, March 2017 (shiny comp solrock + 1m)


Axellgor 2nd place in NU Leaderboard Tournament #1, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 29, March 2017 (1m $$$)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Queen of the Hill!, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 13, May 2017 (500,000 $$) 


Axellgor 1st place in NU Rumble #5, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 14, May 2017 (shiny comp psyduck + 1m)


EVLGOON 1st place BlueBreath 3rd place in Who will be the strongest?, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 24, May 2017 (Shiny comp mach amp + 1m & 250,000$$)


Bluebreath 2nd place in Don't be a Party Wooper #2, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 29, May 2017 (500,000 $$)


SpartacusGD 3rd place in Head to Hand, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 4, June 2017 (250,000 $$)


RightTime 3rd place in Lavender's Conquest, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 8, June 2017 (250,000 $$)


Rynners 2nd place BlueBreath 3rd place in Friday Night Throwdown VIII, 6v6 NU, Bracket,16, June 2017 (500,000 $$ & 250,000$$)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Crobat's Lost Cave, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 21, June 2017 (500,000 $$)


Forfiter 2nd place (with Suneet) in Will UU go to prom with me?, 6v6 UU/NU, Bracket, 25, June 2017 (500,000 $$)


Axellgor 1st place in NU Leaderboard Tournament #2, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 28, June 2017 (2m $$$)


BlueBreath 1st place in Absol's Absol-ute Tournament Qualifier #1, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 2, July 2017 (1m $$$ + Invite)


BlueBreath 1st place in Swablu's Summer Carnival, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 8, July 2017 (shiny comp swablu + 1m)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Absol's Absol-ute Tournament Finals, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 30, July 2017 (750,000 $$)


Axellgor 1st place in Girafarig in the Wild, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 2, August 2017 (shiny comp girafarig + 1m)


BlueBreath 1st place & SpartacusGD 2nd place in Uber Splash, 6v6 Ubers, Bracket, 18, August 2017 (shiny comp magikarp + 1m & 500k)


BlueBreath 1st place in Donphan's Rollout Competition, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 25, September 2017 (shiny comp donphan + 1m)


Maekaaay 1st place in Hariyama's Karate Tournament, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 27, September 2017 (shiny comp hariyama + 1m)


Rynners 2nd place in Camerupt's Volcanic Tournament, 6v6 NU, Bracket, 3, October 2017 (500,000 $$)


BlueBreath 1st place in It's not Staryu, it's Starmie, 6v6 OU, Bracket, 18, October 2017 (shiny comp staryu + 1.3m)


BlueBreath 2nd place in Missing Blizzard since 2014, 6v6 Doubles, Bracket, 21, October 2017 (500,000 $$)


BlueBreath 1st place in Protect the Queen!, 6v6 UU, Bracket, 28, October 2017 (shiny comp nidoqueen + 1m)





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Seasonal Tournaments Series ebeec8cb0c700daa473d7a6dfa819b71.png - c07a9786a1fda729d1b7e60d7f5475b6.png - 7fa5ec17f49bbd71647af9de8643e24a.png-




PokeMMO Summer Ball 2015 (UU):


Qualifier #8 ~ Bracket ~ 2nd Place Lazaaro

Qualifier #4 ~ Bracket ~ 2nd Place Arimanius

Qualifier #3 ~ Bracket ~ 2nd Place overToasted





PokeMMO Spring Fever Series 2016 (Double):


Finale2nd Place - DoctorPBJ - Bracket - (shiny comp salamence + 1m)


Qualifier #5 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath - 2nd Place imabetheverybest

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place DoctorPBJ 


PokeMMO Summer Ball 2016 (UU):


Finalebronze-trophy-icon-56134.png 1st Place - Arimanius bronze-trophy-icon-56134.png - Bracket - (shiny comp sceptile + 1m)


Qualifier #6 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Arimanius - 2nd Place Bluebreath

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gazelli - 2nd Place Forfiter



PokeMMO Autumn Showdown 2016 (NU):


Finale3rd Place - Gazelli - Bracket - (shiny comp grumpig + 1m)


Qualifier #2 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Gazelli 

Qualifier #1 ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place Forfiter - 2nd Place YettoDie





The Legend of the Steel Bird Qualifiers (OU):


Finale: 3rd Place - BlueBreath -  Bracket - (shiny comp heracross + 500,000 $$)


Qualifier #7  ~ Bracket ~ 1st Place BlueBreath




Edited by PokemonAura

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Shinies Showcase

fearow_blackwhite_animated_shinyclefable_blackwhite_animated_shinylanturn_blackwhite_animated_shinyazumarill_blackwhite_animated_shinygrimer_blackwhite_animated_shinydonphan_blackwhite_animated_shinydonphan_blackwhite_animated_shinynidoking_blackwhite_animated_shiny031.gifgranbull_blackwhite_animated_shinyswellow_blackwhite_animated_shinymareep_blackwhite_animated_shinysentret_blackwhite_animated_shinycaterpie_blackwhite_animated_shiny   130.gifduskull_blackwhite_animated_shinydusclops_blackwhite_animated_shinyaron_blackwhite_animated_shinyheracross_blackwhite_animated_shinyblaziken_blackwhite_animated_shinysceptile_blackwhite_animated_shinysceptile_blackwhite_animated_shinyhoundoom_blackwhite_animated_shinyFlygon Shiny sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & White371.gifaltaria_blackwhite_animated_shinygrumpig_blackwhite_animated_shinygirafarig_blackwhite_animated_shinyhttps://pldh.net/media/pokemon/gen5/blackwhite_animated_shiny/121.gifmedicham_blackwhite_animated_shinypikachu_blackwhite_animated_shiny287.gifcubone_blackwhite_animated_shiny weezing_blackwhite_animated_shinykoffing_blackwhite_animated_shinymachamp_blackwhite_animated_shinymachamp_blackwhite_animated_shinyaipom_blackwhite_animated_shinyaipom_blackwhite_animated_shinysolrock_blackwhite_animated_shinyshuckle_blackwhite_animated_shinyelectrode_blackwhite_animated_shiny055.gifpoliwhirl_blackwhite_animated_shinykingler_blackwhite_animated_shinypiloswine_blackwhite_animated_shinymankey_blackwhite_animated_shinycrobat_blackwhite_animated_shinytentacruel_blackwhite_animated_shinyrhydon_blackwhite_animated_shinyhariyama_blackwhite_animated_shinyhariyama_blackwhite_animated_shinygengar_blackwhite_animated_shinygastly_blackwhite_animated_shiny





@RysPicz fearow_blackwhite_animated_shinydonphan_blackwhite_animated_shiny clefable_blackwhite_animated_shiny nidoking_blackwhite_animated_shinygrimer_blackwhite_animated_shinylanturn_blackwhite_animated_shiny(released) 



    @Axelgor grumpig_blackwhite_animated_shinygirafarig_blackwhite_animated_shiny055.gifsolrock_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@YettoDie aron_blackwhite_animated_shinygastly_blackwhite_animated_shinypikachu_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@Raptori Flygon Shiny sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & White287.gif  

@Evlgoon machamp_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@SpartacusGD weezing_blackwhite_animated_shinykoffing_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@SirGaryOak  cubone_blackwhite_animated_shinyshuckle_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@Viking tentacruel_blackwhite_animated_shinypoliwhirl_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@ErrorGlumac gengar_blackwhite_animated_shinymachamp_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@Daniellegal sentret_blackwhite_animated_shiny  duskull_blackwhite_animated_shinyaipom_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@jayfeatskydd  mankey_blackwhite_animated_shinyelectrode_blackwhite_animated_shinycaterpie_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@LionKIng  crobat_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@Kaerodactyl  rhydon_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@ArfArf  medicham_blackwhite_animated_shiny 

@Maekaaay hariyama_blackwhite_animated_shiny

@DarylDixon (ever man.)  aipom_blackwhite_animated_shinyhariyama_blackwhite_animated_shinypiloswine_blackwhite_animated_shiny



Last OT found in team






September, 27th 2017


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Picture album (part 1/2)

This can be screenshots from in game or signatures/banners made to our team, just anything related to our team. Part 1 is primarily signatures/banners. Part 2 is primarily screenshots.



Banner by Gary








Banner by Emlee







Signature by Akshit









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Picture album (part 2/2)

This can be screenshots from in game or signatures/banners made to our team, just anything related to our team. Part 1 is primarily signatures/banners. Part 2 is primarily screenshots.


SGMs wants to join, sadly we are full (hue)




4F doesn't have a brain :S







Such a small team back then








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Daryl's Homeworks

( @DarylDixon)


- Speak English - In progress


- Change his IGN with better one - Failed


- Stay officer for at least 2 hours - Failed


- Find a Shiny Ponyta / Spheal - In progress


- Make a ponyta with only Fire moves Set - Completed


- Being Unbanned - Completed



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Now welcome everyone to our new team thread, I hope you will have fun while being here,

and enjoyed reading our new team thread! :D





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Guess I'll grab a spot too. I've won a couple tournaments (TranzSpont and something else I think) since joining but truth be told I prefer watching/learning to battling.

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