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Common connectivity issues causing "Error connecting to the authorization server"

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This article will assist you with connection issues which may cause the error "Error connecting to the authorization server. Please try again later." This is a generic error which indicates a connection failure between your computer and PokeMMO's servers and may be caused by a wide array of issues.


Connection issues are commonly caused by:


•  Using security software which restricts the ports required by the game client to connect to PokeMMO's servers.

•  Attempting to connect through a Campus, Military, or Business network.

•  Temporary connection issues between your internet service provider and PokeMMO's servers.

•  Local network misconfigurations.


Temporary Connection Issues


If your network connection has only recently degraded, and is normally functional, restart all networking devices (Router, Modem, Computer) on your local network and attempt to connect.


If restarting all devices did not resolve the problem, and you have not made any recent configuration changes to your local network, it is recommended that you wait until the issue resolves itself. It is common for Internet Service Providers to take up to one day to resolve newly introduced connection issues between networks on the Internet.


Connections through Campuses, Military Bases or Business Networks


Connections on these types of networks will commonly filter outbound traffic to prevent unknown services from running on their networks. This is primarily for security reasons.


Please consult with your network's system administrator and verify that the following ports are unrestricted and may pass traffic:


•  TCP 80

•  TCP 2106

•  TCP 7777


Security Software Restrictions


3rd-party security suites may cause connectivity issues with Internet-based video games such as PokeMMO.


Please consult your security software's documentation in order to open the ports described above for traffic. Alternatively, reducing any Firewall's security settings to "Medium" or "Low" may resolve connectivity issues.


Local Network Misconfigurations


In order to diagnose whether or not your issue is sourced from your local network, connect directly to your Internet Modem, restart your modem, and attempt to connect to the Internet and the game.


If the issue has been found to be on your local network, this may be caused by a few things:


•  Router software misconfigurations.

•  Incorrect security profiles for local networks on your operating system.


Router Software Misconfigurations


Router software misconfigurations may be caused by a few issues:


•  Replacing an old router with a new one, with a custom firewall configuration.

•  Introducing new restrictions for router firewalls.


In most cases, forwarding the ports described above will resolve issues with router misconfigurations. In the case of a corrupt configuration with bad rules, a factory reset (commonly accessed through a button on the back panel of the router) may be necessary to restore connectivity to certain internet services.


It is not common for factory default routers to introduce connectivity issues on a local network without user intervention and it is not recommended to perform a factory reset if you do not know how to backup or re-configure your router's settings.


Incorrect Network Security Profiles in Windows Vista/7/8+


If you have set your network security profile incorrectly, you may cause connectivity issues to certain Internet services. A description of how to change the network security profile currently being applied to your local network may be found at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/create-modify-network-profiles

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