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[Storyline Guide] Kanto complete walkthrough & Hidden item Guide

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Hello there, future pokemon masters. In this guide, I'd like to help you gathering funds and items for your Pokemon Master journey. It's more as a complete walkthrough with all hidden items locations- but it's made to maximize the spoils and minimize the playtime and effort put into it. The alt acc guide I made is here to show you things that not everyone knows, give you the shortest paths and, eventually, helping you to become the Pokemon Master.


  1. Preparations

  2. Spoils

  3. The guide, part 1

  4. The guide, part 2

  5. The guide, part 3

  6. Hidden items locations with screenshots


1. Preparations


Okay, so if you are up to do an alt run as fast as it's possible, you need few things prepared before you go.


a) First thing is a sweeper. There are a lot of viable pokes for this task. I usually prefer a Starmie (modest, nc, surf + tbolt + icebeam + psychic). Others like to use Alakazams, but with elepunches being physical they lost a lot of coverage. Gengars are doing really fine too. Basicly a fast and strong special sweeper will serve you through the game. It would be really nice if that sweeper would have a +spatk nature (except quiet, ew). If you are cheap and do not want to re-moveset your sweeper every time you use it (TMs do cost a bit, hue) then re-breeding it for every run might be quite efficient. (Credits to BurntZebra for that tip)


Now when it's hard to get a hand of a good sweeper, you have to rely on something that is easy to catch and does not require a lot of effort to run. Gastly makes a perfect choice- evolves quickly into Gengar, learns useful moves, has good typing. Get yourself a regular Gas, teach it TBolt, Psychic and Shadow Ball along the way and you have an awesome special sweeper that will surely help you through storyline.


In case you wouldn't have one due to breeding becoming a fusion, you can power-level your starter (Squirtle recommended) and some of the gift pokes you will obtain during storyline (such as Eevee; the eeveelution you will choose will surely be very helpful asset to the team along with your starter).


There are still wild pokes that can serve you through storyline as your sweepers, but you would need to bring multiples to cover everything you will need to. A lot of those depend on your resources. I even used a Hitmonlee and Natu I had in my box laying for ages- Natu actually works perfectly (mine had Giga Drain + Psychic + Heat Wave- fantastic thing).


b ) Second thing is a HM slave. To cover everything you will need (Flash, Cut, Strength, Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Fly, Teleport and Dig) you will need 3 HM Slaves. My advice? Use Claydol with Strength, Rock Smash, Teleport and Flash. 2 other HM Slaves are your choice- I took Lanturn and Charizard (Lanturn is also for Hoenn storyline as it has Dive). There are a lot of options and combination of those HM Slaves is all up to you =)


c)[optional] If you are not 100% convinced about your starter-sweeper rushing through elite four, you can transfer another, higher level e4 sweeper along.


d)[optional] If you are feeling lucky and think you might encounter a shiny, you can bring a catcher. False swipe + Spore Smeargle, Breloom or even the almighty Parasect will do good.


e) Items that you will need to transfer are: Amulet Coin (we want max profit, right?), Repel/ Super Repel/ Max Repel (it's only to go through Viridian forest without encountering bugs), Water Stone for your Staryu if you chose it to be your sweeper and/ or a lucky egg if you didn't have a low-level storyline sweeper and have to rely on your starter. If you are afraid that your sweeper might overlevel, bring an expshare and give it to one of HM slaves. It will cut the exp earned by sweeper by half. Also at least 4000$ to buy few Repels in Pewter. Then you will just rely on Max Repels (it comes cheaper later on).


f) You need to ask a friend to fill your pokedex with 50 diffrent entries in order to obtain the items from Oak's fgts. 50 is the required amount for Exp Share.


After filling the pokedex, transfering the necessary pokes along with items and money, you can start your journey! But first, let's check the spoils from the play.




  1. Spoils


The essential part of this guide. I'm only going to avoid writing down berries because they only sell for 10$ each.


Money from trainers you sweep while holding amulet coin through the game: ~250.000


Valuable TMS: Focus Punch (15.000), Dragon Claw (25.000), Water Pulse (10.000) Calm Mind (6.000), Toxic (25.000), Sunny Day (7.500) Blizzard (15.000), Light Screen (7.500) Protect (20.000), Rain Dance (10.000), Giga Drain (25.000), Safeguard (7.500), Solarbeam (15.000), Thunder (30.000) Earthquake (30.000), Return (25.000), Dig (12.500) Psychic (30.000), Brick Break (25.000), Reflect (7.500), Shock Wave (10.000), Sludge Bomb (30.000), Fire Blast (30.000), Aerial Ace (6.000), Facade (10.000), Secret Power (15.000), Rest (20.000), Thief (20.000) Overheat (10.000): ~440.000

Money from selling the suggested items on GTL and in shops: ~900.000

A good e4 sweeper you can sell on tard chat

Access to ladies on isl5 and trainers on islands 6/7 (additional money)


Total: MORE OR LESS 1.550.000$ (-tax from gtl which would be like 75k I think)



Not counting some items and less valuable tms.


Items marked with "Not counting" are either worthless or it isn't worth it to put them on GTL.



1x Amulet Coin (45000$)

23x Antidote 1725$ each

2x Awakening 225$ each

4x Big Mushroom 8500$ each

1x Blackglasses 1500$

1x Burn Heal 225 $ each

4x Calcium (5000$ each)

4x Carbos (5000$ each)

1x Cleanse Tag 1500$

1x Dire Hit 500$ each

1x Dragon Scale 7500$ each

9x Elixir 1500$ each

7x Escape Rope 300$ each

7x Ether 1500$ each

1x Everstone 22500$

1x Exp Share 85000$

2x Fire Stone 4500$ each

3x Full Heal

7x Full Restore

4x Great Ball 300$ each

1x Guard Spec 500$ each

4x Heart Scale 7500$ each

4x HP Up (5000$ each)

4x Hyper Potion 800$ each

1x Ice Heal 225$

4x Iron (5000$ each)

1x King's Rock 4500$

1x Lax Incense 2400$

2x Leaf Stone 4500$ each

2x Leftovers 35000$ each

1x Lucky Punch 2000$

1x Macho Brace 20000$ each

3x Max Elixir 5000$ each

6x Max Ether 5000$ each

9x Max Potion 1250$ each

2x Max Repel not counting *

7x Max Revive 12500$ each

1x Metal Coat 20000$ each

5x Moon Stone 3500$ each

2x Nest Ball not counting *

2x Net Ball not counting *

1x Nevermeltice 1500$

2x Nugget 5000$ each

3x Paralyz Heal 225$ each

7x Pokeball 100$ each

6x Potion 75$ each

6x PP Up 20000$-25000$ each

4x Protein (5000$ each)

1x Quick Claw 1500$

16x Rare Candy RIP

1x Repel not counting *

6x Revive 1250$ each

1x Sea Incense 2400$

1x Silk Scarf 20000$ each

1x Soothe Bell 35000$

1x Sun Stone 2500$ each

3x Super Potion 200$ each

2x Thunderstone 4500$ each

3x Tiny Mushroom 2500$ each

15x Ultra Ball not counting *

1x UP-Grade 1500$

2x Water Stone 4500$ each

1x X Accuracy 375 $

1x X Attack 375$

1x X Speed 375$

1x X Special 375$

5x Zinc (5000$ each)


Total: ~900k


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Hello there, future pokemon masters. In this guide, I'd like to help you gathering funds and items for your Pokemon Master journey. It's more as a complete walkthrough with all hidden items locations-

Pallet town Key items: None Items: 5x Pokeball (from Prof. Oak after delivering him the package)     Route 1 Key items: None Items: Potion (NPC)    

Pokemon Tower Key items: None Items: Escape Rope, Elixir, Awakening, Great Ball, Big Mushroom, Cleanse Tag, Antidote, X Accuracy, Rare Candy, Soothe Bell     Routes 16 &

Pallet town

Key items: None

Items: 5x Pokeball (from Prof. Oak after delivering him the package)



Grab the starter, transfer your thingys, kick the rival's ass and just head to Viridian, don't waste your repel yet.


Route 1

Key items: None

Items: Potion (NPC)



Grab the Potion from this guy and continue heading to viridian.


Viridian City

Key items: Oak's parcel

Items: Potion, Macho Brace, TM26

Others: Dream Eater tutor



First enter the pokecenter and heal up. Then go to pokemart. Take the parcel, then collect the Potion on the left side (behind the tree). Now come back to Pallet and hand over the package to the old man. After that teleport to Viridian and head to Viridian Forest.


Route 2

Key items: None

Items: Paralyz heal, Ether


We shall be back here later.


Viridian Forest

Key items: None

Items: Antidote (hidden), Potion (hidden), Pokeball, Potion, Antidote, Potion



First collect the Antidote in the tree here. Head left, turn on the repel and run to take the Pokeball. In the lower right corner there is a Potion. Take it. Go up, be sure to still be in the grass patch because Bug Catcher might like to attack you. If you continue to head north, you'll find another Antidote. Continue going to Pewter, collect the Potion along the way. Here is your first mandatory battle against a Bug Catcher with a level 9 Weedle. Be careful, Weedle is stronk, be sure to bring a good counter for it. Starmie with psychic might do it. Then, collect the hidden Potion here and go to Pewter.


Pewter City

Key items: Old Amber (NPC)

Items: Pokeball, TM39

Others: Seismic Toss Tutor



First, visit the Pokemart and buy yourself a lot of repels. Something like 15-20 is enough to safely reach the location that has Max Repels which you'll be using later on. Head to Brock's gym, but stop along the way to take the hidden Pokeball here. Avoid the camper and reach the leader. Brock will challenge you with a lvl 12 Geodude and lvl 14 Onix. Kill them with Surf/ Vine whip/ whatever your starter or transferred poke has and head to Route 3.


Route 3

Key items: None

Items: Oran Berry, Persim Berry


Here is the route you need to follow to battle as little trainers as possible. Bug catcher Colton will challenge you anyway with 2x lvl 10 Caterpie and a lvl 10 Weedle. RIP in pieces. Follow the path from screenshot. You can grab the Oran Berry (I like doing it- you never know when it will come in handy) or just head to pokecenter. This is the screen where a "mark" on the ground shows that berry lays there, so I am not going to provide screens for berries. Another mandatory battle with a Bug Catcher Greg awaits you. Lvl 9 Weedle, Lvl 9 Caterpie, Lvl 9 Metagod and lvl 9 Kakuna shouldn't be much of a problem (except Metagod). Another battle with another Bug Catcher is ahead, James uses lvl 11 Caterpie and lvl 11 Metagod. Faint them and head to Mt. Moon PC, be sure that Lass with Jigglypuff won't see you though (she moves a lot). Take the Perism berry right to the PC, enter it and heal the sweeper.



Mt. Moon

Key items: Dome or Helix Fossil

Items: TM09, Paralyz Heal, Antidote, Potion, 3x Tiny Mushroom, 3x Big Mushroom, TM46, Ether, 2x Moon Stone, Revive, Rare Candy, Escape Rope



After you enter, use repel. You can go left to grab Bullet Seed and Paralyz heal but it's not worth it (although I like to collect the Bullet Seed TMs, that's just me). Head north, avoid the girl standing next to sign. Go down the ladder and collect the mushrooms. They are hidden here, here and here. Return back- down the ladder is only Antidote and rocket. Go south, avoid the nerd and take the Potion. Go east, Rare Candy is there. Now head north and take the Escape Rope along the way. Run to another ladder, on the west. There is a hidden mushroom here. This time go down the ladder. Collect the Thief TM, now go around the rocket from the down side and take the hidden Ether here. Go back. Around the youngster, watch out for Hiker for not to see you and take the Moon Stone. Go down the ladder and take another mushroom from here. Go forward, down the ladder. Now go north and take the Revive. Avoid the rocket (he spins around), go forward. Battle with Rocket Grunt is ahead, he got lvl 13 Rattata (Quick Attack) and lvl 13 Zubat. Take the hidden Moon Stone here and face the nerd with lvl 12 Grimer, lvl 12 Voltorb and lvl 12 Koffing. Take the Fossil (Helix ftw). Head down ladder and collect Antidote along the way. Go up. Collect the last hidden mushroom here and go out of the cave.


Route 4

Key items: None

Items: Great Ball, Razz Berry, TM05

Others: Mega Kick, Mega Punch Tutors



Grab the Great Ball here. You can collect Razz Berry south-east of that place but it's not worth it until something about those berries will be implemented. Anyway grab the Roar TM and head to Cerulean.


Cerulean City

Key items: Bike

Items: Rare Candy, TM28, TM03


Here is the hidden Rare Candy. Go north and kick Rival's ass. Keep heading north, there are 6 mandatory battles on nugget bridge but they are easy. After beating all the trainers, you will receive a Nugget. Keep in mind to do not overlevel your sweeper if you transferred it from main (a'ka it has diffrent OT). When your sweeper will be lvl 18 or 19, go to gym and finish Misty. Do not stand in front of Misty because gril will challenge you. Defeat her, she uses lvl 18 Staryu and lvl 21 Starmie. Starmie might be a little pain. Now go through nugget bridge again to route 24.



Route 24

Key items: None

Items: TM45, Pecha Berry



Just collect Attract TM and Pecha berry and head to route 25.


Route 25

Key items: S.S. Ticket

Items: Elixir, TM43, Oran Berry, Bluk Berry, Ether



Go around the Hiker and grab the hidden Elixir here. Now you can either fight the trainer that blocks your way to TM43 (Secret Power) or wait until you'll get cut and come back here. I prefer to kick his ass. Collect the berries and hidden ether here. Take the ticket from Bill and go back to Cerulean. Beat the Rocket that stole the Dig TM. then go through Route 5 to Underground Path.


Route 5

Key items: None

Items: None



Lel go to Underground path.


Underground Path

Key items: None:

Items: None



Ok go to Vermilion.


Route 6

Key items: None

Items: Cheri Berry, Rare Candy



After exiting the Underground Path, grab Cheri Berry on the left and Rare Candy on the right, here. Go through the grass and avoid the bug catcher, also by walking around him (through grass). Go down, fight the camper Jeff. He uses lvl 16 spearow and lvl 16 raticate. Afterwards, go to Vermilion city.



Vermilion city

Key items: Bike voucher, Old rod, VS Seeker

Items: Max ether



First of all, collect the Max Ether here. Then get the VS Seeker from the hot gril in the pokecenter, heal your sweeper. Take the Bike Voucher from the Chairman and go to S.S. Anne.



S.S. Anne

Key items: HM01

Items: TM31, Pecha, Chesto, Cherri berries, Great Ball, Hyper Potion, Super Potion, Ether, TM44, Antidote, X attack



Thanks to PlayLikeNewbs I will provide you screens on how the ship looks like:

Medium floor

Bottom floor

Upper floor

After you enter, go left. Second room from the left contains Brick Break TM. Take it and visit 2 rooms:  Fifth room from the left is worth visiting to defeat the Gentleman, so is the last room from the left. Head to the kitchen (down left). Grab the berries from trash cans and Great Ball in the lower left corner. Now avoid all other rooms and go below the floor. Grab the hidden Hyper Potion here. First room from the right contains Super Potion. In third there's an Ether. Fourth has very useful Rest TM. Exit the area by going up, and then up again at the upper floor. Second room from the left holds Antidote (lel) but you can battle a gentleman for 2400$ (one poke). Forget about the antidote though as you will need to battle one more trainer which is not worth it. 4th has X attack but once again you will have to battle a trainer- a gentleman, so it's good. Head to Captain's room, kicking Rival's ass along the way. Rub his back and accept the HM01. Exit the ship now and head to Surge's Gym.



If you belive you might have problems during your battle with Surge, simply catch a random Digler in Diglett's Cave- it can alone rip apart the whole gym.



Surge's Gym

Key items: None

Items: TM34


He might be a tough challenge for Starmie but if you collected all the healing items then you'll have easier time with him. Beat the trainers in gym because they're annoying fgts when you are searching for the switches. Sailor uses 2x lvl 21 Pika, Engineer uses lvl 21 Voltorb and lvl 21 Magnemite, and Gentleman uses lvl 23 Pikachu. Your sweeper should be around lvl 26 now. Kick Surge's ass, he uses lvl 21 Voltorb, lvl 18 Pikachu and a lvl 23 Raichu. You'll get a Shock Wave TM. After getting the badge, head to Route 11.


Route 11

Key items: Itemfinder

Items: Awakening, X defend, Escape rope, Great Ball



Right after entering the route, there is an awakening above. Go right, watch out for trainers- though few of them are worth battling: all the Gamers and the Engineer in the very middle of the location, right above the X Defend. In the very middle of the route there is an X defend. On the upper side of passage there is a hidden Escape Rope here. Also collect the Great Ball on the other side by going along the fence. Enter the passage, go up and grab the itemfinder from Oak's phag and exit the passage. Now fly to Viridian and head to Route 2.



Route 2

Key items: HM05

Items: Paralyz heal, Ether



When you reach Route 2, cut the tree, grab the Paralyz Heal and Ether, go into passage and take the HM05 from Oak's Aide. Then fly to Pewter and collect the Old Amber. Now you can head to Cerulean and east to Route 9. If you are doing an alt, you can skip the Amber since gift poke won't transfer to your main anymore (and it has 0% chance to be a shiny as well, basicly just a waste of time).


Route 9

Key items: None

Items: TM40, Ether, Burn heal, Chesto berry, Rare candy



Don't forget to exchange the Bike Voucher before proceeding from Cerulean.

Right after you enter, go down. Take the Aerial Ace tm. Go at the very top, above the sign "CERULEAN CITY- ROCK TUNNEL" and grab the hidden Ether here. Go down one "floor" and head right. Forget about the burn heal in the lower right corner of the area as you would have to battle a Hiker. Go back again and up again at the top floor where Hiker is walking. Grab the Chesto berry and go right from that location. Get the hidden Rare candy from here, now go down and right to enter Route 10.



Route 10, first side

Key items: None

Items: Persim berry, Everstone, Cheri Berry, Super Potion



In the lower right corner, Persim berry is laying. Take it, enter the PC, talk with Oak's uguu to get the Everstone. Exit the PC and cut the tree that blocks your route to the cave and get the hidden Super Potion from here. If you go down, there is also a hidden Cheri Berry. Enter the Rock tunnel.

Rock Tunnel

Key items: None

Items: Repel, Revive, Escape Rope, Max Ether, Antidote

Others: Rock Slide Tutor



Right after you enter the tunnel, use Flash and Repel. Go right to grab another Repel. There is a mandatory fight with Pokemaniac which uses lvl 23 Cubone and lvl 23 Slowpoke. Easy battle. Rek him and go down the ladder in the upper right. Now go down and left, to fight another Pokemaniac. This one has only lvl 25 Slowpoke. Keep heading left to take the Revive. Go back and up, another fight with Picknicker awaits you. She uses lvl 22 Oddish and lvl 22 Bulbasaur. Go right and up, avoid the battle with Pokemaniac, up again and defeat the Hiker on the lower side. He only uses lvl 25 Geodude. Go up again, up the ladder. Fight the first Hiker you see, he uses 3x lvl 19 Geodude, lvl 19 Machop. Now go right, avoid the hiker and take the Escape Rope below him. Avoid the Hiker again and go down the ladder above him. From the new location battle another Picknicker. She uses lvl 21 Jigglypuff, lvl 21 Meowth and lvl 21 Pidgy. Then head up until you reach Max Ether. Go back, defeat the Hiker guarding the passage to the ladder. He uses 2x lvl 21 Geodude and lvl 21 Graveler. Watch out for the Pokemaniac next to the ladder as he spins frequently. Make sure he won't see you. Go up the ladder, avoid the trainers, take the Antidote if you feel like it and go left to have the last battle in this cursed tunnel with another Picknicker. She uses lvl 20 Meowth, lvl 20 Oddish and lvl 20 Pidgy. Kick her ass and exit the Rock Tunnel and enter Route 10 again.


Route 10, second side

Key items: None

Items: Nanab Berry



Just go right, take the Nanab berry and enter Lavender Town.


Lavender town

Key items: Pokeflute

Items: None



Heal your sweeper and go to the Passage on Route 12.


Route 12

Key items: None

Items: TM27



Go above the floor and collect the valuable Return TM from the girl. Now exit the passage and go left from Lavender to enter Route 8.


Route 8

Key items: None

Items: Rawst, Cheri, Leppa Berries.



Go left, avoid the girl and kick the gamer's ass. He uses lvl 24 Growlithe and lvl 24 Vulpix. Cut the tree and collect the berries: Rawst, Cheri and Leppa. Especially Lum and Leppa might prove very useful. Cut the other tree and go through the passage on the upper left. NOTE: Gamer right of the passage uses 2x lvl 22 Poliwag and lvl 22 Poliwhirl and gives 950$ for winning with amulet coin (I like to kill him as polis give speed evs and it's still almost 1k monies, hue).


Underground Path

Key items: None

Items: None


Umm, go through the path to Celadon.



Route 7

Key items: None

Items: Wepear berry



Just go right from the exit of the Path to take the berry and enter Celadon.


Celadon City:

Key items: Tea, HM02

Items: Rare Candy, Ether, TM16, TM20, TM33, TM19

Others: Eevee, Counter Tutor, Softboiled Tutor



After you enter the city, cut the tree on the right side and collect hidden Rare Candy. Now go inside Pokemon mansion from the front side and collect Tea from the Old Lady. Go right, around the pokecenter and then head left to take the Ether. Go inside the mansion from the back and collect the Eevee on the highest floor. You can teach it dig if one of your HM slaves doesn't have it yet. This will come handy. Exit the mansion and go to the top of the Pokemart. Buy 2x Lemonade, 1 Fresh Water and one Soda Pop. Don't drink your second lemonade yet, it will be exchanged for a valuable TM later on. Now go to the little girl and exchange each of drinks to get Light Screen, Safeguard and Reflect TMs. Head left to the place where Snorlax sleeps, cut the tree and follow the path to reach the house where you will obtain Fly HM. Now go to Gym to kick Erika's ass. Fight the Beauty on the right, she uses 2x lvl 21 Oddish and 2x lvl 21 Bellsprout. Gives some nice monies x). Cut the tree above her, battle the Cooltrainer. She uses lvl 22 Bellsprout, lvl 22 Weepinbell, lvl 22 Ivysaur, lvl 22 Gloom, and lvl 22 Oddish. Your sweeper now should be around lvl 28-29. Challenge Erika. She uses lvl 29 Victreebel, lvl 24 Tangela and lvl 29 Vileplume. Piece of cake. Giga Drain TM is yours. You can battle 2 other Beautys for money but that's not necessary. The one next to Erika uses only lvl 24 Exeggcute, other on the left uses 2x lvl 24 Bellsprout. Exit the gym and go to Game Corner.


Game Corner

Key items: None

Items: None



Sweep the Rocket guarding the poster. He uses lvl 20 Raticate and lvl 20 Zubat. RIP in pieces. Turn the switch and go into Rocket Hideout.


Rocket Hideout

Key items: Lift key, Silph scope

Items: Rare Candy, Escape Rope, TM21, Antidote (hidden), Rare candy, Max Ether, Blackglasses, TM49, Moon stone, X Speed, TM12, Super Potion, Hyper Potion, Calcium, Net Ball, Nest Ball



Go down and collect the hidden Rare Candy from here. Now go to the room on the left and get the Escape Rope. Now go down 2 times, to the 2nd floor basement. Then, go down and collect Frustration TM. There is a hidden Antidote in the upper left corner of this location if you feel like it. Otherwise just go into the maze. Follow the path to Rare Candy. Now go back and take the path to the lowest floor and collect the Blackglasses ( B) ) along the way. After you enter the lowest floor, take Max Ether from the table, take the Snatch TM from the upper room and battle the Rocket. He uses lvl 21 Koffing and lvl 21 Zubat. Take the Lift Key and go to 1st floor basement. Follow the path to get Moon Stone, then grab X Speed and Taunt TM. Then, go through the maze to get Super Potion. Now again through the maze, and up the stairs to get Hyper Potion. Now get into the elevator and ride to 3rd floor. Go left to collect Calcium and defeat 2 rockets guarding the doors. The one on the left uses lvl 23 Sandshrew, lvl 23 Sandslash and lvl 23 Ekans. The one on the right uses lvl 23 Ekans, lvl 23 Arbok and lvl 23 Sandshrew. Go through the doors and collect your first hidden "hipsterballs" in here- Net and Nest Ball. Now challenge Giovanni. He uses lvl 25 Onix, lvl 29 Kanga and lvl 24 Rhyhorn. Ez. Grab the Silph scope, go to elevator and ride to 2nd floor. Exit the Hideout and fly to Lavender Town. Heal your sweeper and enter the cursed Lavender Tower.


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Pokemon Tower

Key items: None

Items: Escape Rope, Elixir, Awakening, Great Ball, Big Mushroom, Cleanse Tag, Antidote, X Accuracy, Rare Candy, Soothe Bell



Enter the tower and go up. Kick Rival's ass. He's a easy. Scrub. Go up, and in 2nd floor go up again. It's actually worth to defeat all the trainers in tower as all of them carry only 1 (some 2) poke and they give decent amount of money. Collect the Elixir that is in front of you, then take the nearby Awakening.  Beat the crap out of the Channeler with lvl 21 Gastly and collect the Great Ball below her. Here go up, and collect the hidden Big Mushroom from here. Grab the Cleanse tag and defeat the Channeler next to stairs. She has lvl 23 Haunter. Going around will allow you to reach Antidote but it's not worth it imo, so just go up the stairs to 5th floor. Go down, take the X accuracy, then go up. Defeat the Channeler with lvl 24 Gastly, then defeat another one along the way to the stairs with another lvl 24 Gastly. Grab the Rare candy and defeat "The Ghost" a'ka lvl 30 Marowak, guarding the stairs. Go up. Kick all 3 Rockets. First one has 2x lvl 25 Zubat, and lvl 25 Golbat. Second has lvl 26 Koffing and lvl 26 Drowzee. Third has 2x lvl 23 Zubat, lvl 23 Raticate and lvl 23 Rattata. Get the Pokeflute from Fuji and head to Celadon. Then go left to visit route 16.

[optional] You can collect the Soothe Bell by climbing the tower again. Imo, it's not worth it- unless you don't have 6 of them already, lol. Just use itemfinder in the place where Mr. Fuji stood. Then type /unstuck and wait to get teleported to Pallet.


Routes 16 & 17 (Cycling road)

Key items: None

Items: Leftovers, Amulet Coin, Max Potion, Revival Herb, Rare Candy, Elixir



Simply defeat the Schnorlacks, dig up the Leftovers with itemfinder and collect the Amulet Coin from Oak's uguu upstairs the passage. Avoid the bikers and go down along the way. Hidden items locations are: Max Potion, Revival herb, Rare Candy, Elixir. Go to Fuchsia city now.


Fuchsia City

Key items: HM04, HM03

Items: Revival herb, TM06, Rare Candy

Others: Substitute Tutor



After you enter the city, grab the Revival Herb from this location. Now is your occasion to visit the PokeMart and supply yourself with some Max Repels that will most likely last to the end of your pokemon journey. 10 should be enough. Go to the gym. First mandatory battle is vs Juggler who uses 3x lvl 31 Drowzee and 31 Kadabra. Second mandatory battle is with another Juggler who uses lvl 34 Drowzee and lvl 34 Hypno. Actually all the trainers in gym are worth fighting since they give very decent money. Challenge the uguu Koga. He uses 2x lvl 37 Koffing, lvl 43 Weezing and lvl 39 Muk (Muk pro). Get the toxic tm and exit the gym- go to Safari Zone.


Safari zone

Key items: HM03,  Gold Teeth

Items: Antidote, Leaf stone, TM11, Max Potion, Full Restore, Quick Claw, TM47, Protein, TM32, Revive, Max Potion, Max Revive



Go right to visit area 1. Collect Sunny Day TM, Max Potion and Full Restore along the way to the next area. Don't pick up the Quick Claw. It's worthless. Just go around the area, up the ponds, collect Steel Wing TM and Protein along the way and get to the secret house area. Grab the gold teeth (HUE), Double Team TM and the hidden Revive from here. Get Surf HM. Now swim down through the pond, get the Max Potion and Max Revive on the lower side of the area. Go right to enter the Entrance area. Swim to the little island in the to grab the hidden Leaf Stone here and Antidote few steps from it. You can now waste the steps in grass to catch some Parases or shit to get the held items (I like doing it, lol) or just go away from the Safari Zone. With the Gold Teeth, go to Warden and exchange them for Strength HM, then pick up the Rare Candy from his house. Go to Route 15.


Route 15

Key items: None

Items: Exp Share, TM18



Go above the passage and acquire the precious Exp Share from Oak's phag. Go east. You can battle the two Beautys standing next to each other (they give nice money). Now go up, cut the first tree you see and go west until you will reach a Rain Dance TM. Now follow the path and reach the famous Ditto Patch on route 14.


Route 14

Key items: None

Items: Zinc, Pinap Berry



Go into the famous Ditto patch and find a hidden Zinc here. Pinap Berry is in the lower right corner. Now go up, through the maze of fences and reach Route 13.


Route 13

Key items: None

Items: Poison Barb



First collect the hidden Poison Barb from here. Go right, through the maze. You can battle 2 Beautys again for monies. They aren't tough opponets (at least not as much as Tranz). Now head to route 12.


Route 12

Key items: Super Rod (not necessary)

Items: Rare candy, Iron, Leftovers, Hyper Potion, TM48



Get the hidden Rare Candy from here. Continue going north. Avoid the fisherfgt. Cut the tree and grab the Iron (requires to fight the camper but he's easy). Again continue heading north. You can grab the Super Rod if you want but you won't need it. Kick Snorlax's ass and dig the second Leftovers. Continue heading north and collect the hidden Hyper Potion here. Again, go north and grab the Skill Swap TM on the small island. Go back to Celadon, give the Tea to the Guard and enter the Saffron City.


Saffron City

Key items: None

Items: Antidote (not worth it), TM29, TM04

Others: Mimic Tutor



After you enter, go to Psychic's house on the lower right side to get the Psychic TM. Then (optional) you can get the Hitmonlee/ Hitmonchan from the Dojo but it ain't worth it since not breedable + tradeable and trainers in there aren't worth the effort either. So just enter the Silph Co. and... enjoy the spoils!

[Optional] In the Mimic tutor's house there is a hidden Antidote. Both aren't worth the effort.


Silph Co.

Key items: Card Key

Items: Revive, Master Ball, Hyper Potion, Protein, Ultra Ball, TM41, Full Heal, Escape Rope, Max Revive, PP up, Elixir, Protein, TM01, Carbos, HP up, X special, TM08, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Antidote, Max Potion, Calcium, HP up, Carbos, Rare candy, Ultra Ball, Zinc

Others: Thunder Wave Tutor




Right after you enter, go to 5th floor. Exit the elevator and go down. Use the teleporter right next to Rocket and then use it again. Go right to grab the Card key. Again, use the teleporter and go back. Now go to 3rd floor. Go down, battle the rocket. He's easy asf. Open the door on the left and use the teleporter. Defeat the rival and grab the Lapras from Silph employee. Use the second teleporter in the room and defeat the Rocket guarding the doors. He's easy too. Collect the hidden Revive from here while being on that floor and open the doors. Rek Giovanni's ass, he's easy too. Take the Masterball and... enjoy.

Go back to 3rd floor through teleporters. Open the doors leading to another room on the left with Hyper Potion in it. Go to the lower right corner and grab the hidden Protein from the middle plant. Go down to 2nd floor, open the door leading to the room in the lower left corner and collect the hidden Ultra Ball. Go to 4th floor afterwards. Go down from the stairs, grab Torment TM from the table and the hidden Iron from here. Now go to the room on the left side, open the door and collect Full Heal, Escape Rope and Max Revive. Floor 5. Go to the office room, plant on the right holds the hidden PP up. Then go to the room left from it where Silph employee is. Collect hidden Elixir from there. Go around, collect the Protein from the room with running doc. Go down, open the door and collect Focus Punch TM. Floor 6. Collect the hidden Carbos from this place and go down to the room with 2 pokeballs: one holds HP Up, second X special. Floor 7. Open the door on the right, collect Bulk Up TM and hidden Zinc from the same room from here. Now go to the lower down corner and collect Calcium and go to floor 8. Go to the room with doc and grab Iron and the hidden Antidote from here. Floor 9. Open the doors and take the Max Potion from here and Calcium from here. Go to floor 10 after that. Grab hidden HP up from here, then go to the room on the lower left side and take Carbos, Rare Candy and Ultra Ball. Go to floor 11, take the Zinc and exit the building. Go to the gym and use the first teleporter. From the room where you landed, use the lupper left one. Then, lower left again. And, again lower left. Kick Sabrina's ass. She's easy. Now fly to Pallet and surf the way to Cinnabar. Watch out for uguu swimmers doe, they tend to move a lot.



Cinnabar Island

Key items: None

Items: TM38

Others: Metronome Tutor



Welp. We ain't collecting fossils anymore, so nothing to do in here for now. Go to Seafoam Islands for some spoils if you want, if you don't- go to Mansion straight away.


Seafoam Islands

Key items: None

Items: Water Stone, Ultra Ball, Antidote, Water Stone, Revive, Ice heal



Enter the islands from the Cinnabar's side. Go all the way down, through the water, down again. Collect the hidden Water Stone from here, then go down and take the Ultra Ball. Go back, up the ladder and then up again. Go right, grab the Antidote and up the ladder. You'll find a Water Stone. Go down again, and then use the second ladder leading up. Grab the Revive and go left, up the ladder. Ice Heal lays next to you. Take it and use Eevee's dig to get out of cave. Estimated time with using 3 repels (that's all you need) is maybe 3 minutes, spoils are worth around 7k. Decide yourself =)


Pokemon Mansion

Key items: Old Key

Items: Moon stone, Escape Rope, Protein, Max Potion, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Rare Candy, HP Up, Carbos, Full Restore, Elixir, TM14, TM22, Iron



After you enter, collect the hidden Moon Stone from here. Go to the room on the upper left, avoid the youngster and click the statue. Take the Escape Rope between the columns and go down into the room for Protein. Go back, and up the stairs, and again up the stairs. Collect the Max Potion. Optional: Burglar in here gives a nice amount of money and has only lvl 38 Ninetales. Go down back, down the stairs now. When you go down again, Optional: another burglar. Anyways click the statue now and go right. Take the Zinc and go up, then right. Calcium lays in the upper right corner of the area. Now go through stairs in the upper right corner. Iron lays in the upper left corner of the room. Go back and click the statue. Go down, kill the Scientist, pass him and continue heading right to reach the hidden Rare Candy in here. Now go down the stairs, there is a HP up laying there. Go back and jump from the left side (the "bigger" one). Avoid the scientist, take the Carbos and head down. In the nearby room there is a statue and Burglar to kill again. Click the switch and go left. Full restore is there. Now go all the way back and go upper right (watch out for Scientist). Enter the room with statue and grab the hidden Elixir here. Don't click the statue, go to the room on the left and pick up Blizzard TM. Now go through doors, take the Secret Key, Solarbeam TM and type /unstuck. Take a 120 sec break =).

Heal your sweeper and go to Cinnabar gym. There are... Burglars too. First trainer is burglar with lvl 36 Growlithe, lvl 36 Ninetales and lvl 36 Vulpix. He gives 3.2k for winning. Avoid the nerds and answer "NO" to the question. Burglar is in another room (lol). He has only lvl 41 Pony, gives 2.1k. Answer NO to the next question. Burglar in the next room. You know what to do with him. Answer no to the last question and then sweep Blaine. Take Fire Blast TM and exit the Gym then go with Bill to the islands.


Island 1

Key items: Tri-pass, Town map, Meteorite

Items: 4 Antidotes, 2 Ultra Balls (Treasure Beach)



Talk with those fgts and get the key items. You can now go to Treasure Beach if you want. Most of hidden items there are Antidotes but there are also 2 Ultra Balls: here and here. Fly back to I1 if you collected those things and then use ferry to get to Island 2.



Island 2

Key items: None

Items: Revive, Moon Stone



Cut the tree below the pokecenter and grab Revive. Now go north to reach Cape Brink.


Cape brink

Key items: None

Items: PP Up, Rare candy



Go north, grab the hidden Rare candy behind the tutor's (rip) house and surf down the waterfall. Use itemfinder while standing on that little square of the ground to dig up the PP Up. Fly back to island 2 and talk with Lostelle's father. Go to island 3 using the ferry afterwards.


Island 3

Key items: None

Items: Full restore, Zinc, PP up



Kick the asses of the bikers. They are easy (although fgts give bad evs for sweeper). Leader uses Muk so he's not a uguu and knows how to comp play. Take the Full Restore from this guy afterwards and go up. Cut the tree on the upper right corner and follow the path for Zinc. Go back, then turn left to get into Bond Bridge. Enter it only to cut the tree and follow the path to get the hidden PP up here..


Bond Bridge

Key items: None

Items: Max Repel



Grab the hidden Max Repel from the rock. Kill the lady and enter Berry Forest.


Berry Forest

Key items: None

Items: Berries (um...) Full heal, Max Ether, Max Potion



Note: There are A LOT of berries. Im not going to list those. Just collect them along the way.


Go up, until you reach upper right corner. Then get above the pond and grab the Full Heal. Go above the pond again, and then head left. Cut the tree and get the Max ether. Go down now. Swim through one pond, then through second. Cut the trees blocking the way to Max Potion. Now just go to the upper left corner to grab the Lum berry and kill the Pedohypno. Talk with Lostelle's father- he will give you a Moon Stone- and go to Island 1. Speak with nerds and then head to Viridian.


Viridian Gym



Trainers in here hold a lot of pokes and do not yield much of reward. Exceptions are Tamer in the lower left corner (2 pokes, 2300), Black Belt above him (1 poke, 1500) So we'll avoid the rest and just go the shortest route.

Go to the upper right corner and spin to fight the karate master from his right side. Now go back, go along the wall to face a Cooltrainer. He's above the 3 trainers. Now go through the little maze, next to Karate master and face Giovanni, the scrubbiest trainer. Rek him, take EQ and dig up the Macho Brace. Time to ravage my favourite location- the Power Plant. It's optional but I advise you to do it. A lot of items and few valuable things lay there. Fly to Cerulean and go through familiar route to reach the PC on route 10 (you can't fly there until you visit powerplant).


Power Plant

Key items: None

Items: Max Ether, Max Potion, TM17, Elixir, TM25, Thunderstone, Elixir, Thunderstone



Before you enter, collect the hidden Max Ether from here. And defeat the trainer (worth it). Now enter and enjoy. Take the Max Potion laying right in front of the entrance. Now go right, between...? batteries? and take the Protect TM. Now go up a bit and then left to get the Elixir. Exit this "room" and go down until you will reach the room where a pokeball lays. It's a Voltorb (NYI) so just go right until you reach lowest right corner. Collect Thunder TM and go up until you reach upper right corner. On the right side there is a Thunderstone. On the left there is an Electrode (NYI). Exit the room and head left, then down. Collect the hidden Elixir from here and go upper left. Then just grab the hidden Thunderstone next to the generator and exit the area.


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Route 22

Key items: None

Items: None



Kick the Rival's ass and head to PKMN League.


Route 23 first side

Key items: None

Items: Leppa Berry, Max Ether, Ultra Ball, Aspear Berry, Max Potion, Cheri berry



After 3rd Gatekeeper, there is a Leppa Berry on the left. Continue heading north. Max Ether lays in the sand in the middle of the island, here. Then collect the hidden Ultra Ball from here. Aspear Berry lays on the left side. After 7th Gatekeeper get the Max Potion from here. Right before you enter Victory road, there is a Cheri Berry laying there. Get it and enter the cave.


Victory Road:

Key items: None

Items: Max Potion, Tm02, Ultra Ball, Rare Candy, TM07, Full Heal, TM50, Max Revive, Guard Spec, TM39

Others: Double- Edge Tutor



After you enter, push the boulder on the switch. Take the new opened route and go right (you might actually want to battle the 2 cooltrainers in this area- some exp for sweeper will be useful). Collect the hidden Max Potion from here and push the boulder left 3 times to obtain Dragon Claw TM. Now go left from where the fem Cooltrainer was and collect the hidden Ultra Ball here. Go up the ladder, and immeadietly go back. Go where you found Dragon Claw TM, push the boulder 2 times left and one time up, collect the Rare Candy and head to the ladder in the upper left. If you want to avoid the Cooltrainer standing next to it (5 pokes 2200 reward), keep your character on the left side. In the upper area, push the boulder on the switch. Follow the opened path, but watch out for Karate Master. Don't collect the TM near the switch yet. Both Jugglers are worth fighting, so is the Tamer that is running around. Keep heading right. In the upper right corner there is a Juggler guarding the Hail TM. There is also a Full Heal west of the ladder that leads up, so grab it. Now up the ladder. On the right there is a Cooltrainer guarding a Max Revive. Worth it. Now go all the way left and collect the Overheat TM that lays near the ladder and switch. Go down the ladder if you want- there is only Guard Spec. Now go back to right side. Push the boulder all the way to the switch near the ladder. Go on the rock route where fem Cooltrainer stands. Avoid her, she has the fat pink blob that everyone hates. Might be a hard obstacle for your satk sweeper. Go along the path, avoid the cooltrainers and push the boulder to the hole. Jump into it after that. Now push the boulder to the left side, get the Sandstorm TM and head right to the new, opened ladder. Avoid the double battle and exit the Victory Road.


Route 23 second side

Key items: None

Items: Lum Berry, Elixir



Sunlight! Or moonlight, depending on time. Head up and left to find a lum berry. Now go through the "maze" and collect the hidden Elixir from here. Head to E4 and rek them with ur mighty sweeper. It should be around lvl 58 more or less.

E4 is very straightforward. And easy. Tip: NPCs use full restore when HP of their pokes goes critical (below 25%). Try to 2hko such poke in the way that it's HP won't go critical after first strike.

After sweeping the fgts, heal ur sweeper at your house and fly to any city to buy a new stack of repels (the 30 I bought in pewter lasted *exactly* until the victory road for me). Around 20 should do. Fly to island 1 afterwards.


Island 1 revisited

Key items: Rainbow pass

Items: None



Talk with Celio and go to Mt. Ember through Kindle Road.


Kindle Road

Key items: HM06

Items: Carbos, Ether, Max Repel

Others: Yellow shard Tutor (inside of Mt. Ember spa)


Yellow shard Tutor moves:



Bind (1)

Helping Hand (1)

Covet (2)

Block (2)
Recycle (2)
Snatch (2)
Role Play (2)
Low Kick (2)
Skill Swap (2)
Hyper Voice (2)
Iron Tail (3)
Superpower (3)
Heat Wave (3)
Sky Attack (3)
Thunderpunch (3)




First go to the SPA and collect HM06 from the old man. Now go back to the area where a qt runs, break 2 rocks and get the Carbos. Now head north until you reach the beach (dem rhymes). Smash those 3 rocks to get an Ether. Go south through the water to grab Max Repel. Avoid the blackbelts and go through water to reach Mt. Ember (hay Volpi).


Mt. Ember

Key items: Ruby

Items: Dire Hit, Ultra Ball, Fire Stone, Ultra Ball, Fire Stone

Others: Explosion Tutor



Push the boulders so you can clear the path. You can battle the PKMN Ranger (gril- 3 pokes, 2000 reward), rek the rock and go up the stairs twice, then head right to reach Dire Hit. Then go all the way left, until the battle with PKMN ranger. Rek him. He has Exeggcute/utor. Then collect the hidden Ultra Ball here and enter the mountain. Follow the path to exit it outside. Now go up and left. There is a hidden Fire Stone in here, then collect the Ultra Ball above. Solve the maze with rocks and get second Fire Stone. Now go down to the place where 2 Rockets are standing. Beat them and go inside Mt. Ember. Just keep heading along the path to reach Ruby. In B4F (famous Slugma patch) go through lower path. Right path leads to exit. Grab the Ruby and use Dig, then fly back to island 1 and give the gemstone to Celio to obtain the Rainbow pass. Go to island 4 afterwards.


Island 4

Key items: None

Items: Ultra Ball, Antidote, Antidote

Others: Body Slam Tutor



Collect the hidden Ultra Ball here. You can smash the rock to get the Antidote (lel). Head to icefall cave. Along the way you can collect another Antidote.


Icefall cave

Key items: HM07

Items: Full Restore, Nevermeltice, Ultra Ball



Go to left passage. Step on the lower and upper right ices and collect the Ultra Ball. Now go around to step on the upper left ice and go on the upper ice. Fall through it and go up the ladder. Then, fall through the upper ice, go down and right to collect Nevermeltice. Go back and fall through the lower ice. Slide up, then right and down. Collect the Full Restore and go up the ladder. Take the Waterfall HM and exit the area. Then go up the waterfall and kick Rocket's ass. Use dig to go out and head to island 6.


Island 6

Key items: None

Items: Leppa Berry



Leppa berry is hidden behind the PC. Now go north, to the water path. It's optional but at the end awaits you a valuable PP up.


Water Path

Key items: None

Items: Elixir, Oran Berry, Dragon Scale

Others: Blue shard Tutor


Blue shard Tutor moves:



Defense curl (1)

Mud-slap (1)

Snore (1)

Swift (2)

Endure (3)

Psych up (3)

Nightmare (3)

Ice punch (3)



Juggler on the shore has 4 pokes, 2800 reward. You know what to do. After you swim on the little island, go right and collect the Elixir on a small piece of land. You can also battle the Lady (2 pokes, 2000 reward). Go back and get the Oran Berry along the way to Pattern bush.


Pattern Bush

Key items: None

Items: None



Umm... Go west through the grass, avoiding the trainers.


Green path

Key items: None

Items: Ultra ball



Just collect the hidden ultra ball here and continue heading north.


Outcast island

Key items: None

Items: PP Up, Antidote, Net Ball



Go to the northernmost part of island, take the hidden Antidote and collect the PP up, laying next to fisherman (2 pokes, 2800 reward). Then go close to the entrance to Altering Cave and collect the Net Ball. Fly to PC afterwards. Now go south to reach Ruin Valley. There is a very small path through the water next to the first Hiker you will see. Swim through it to get the Dragon Scale and go into the Ruin Valley.


Ruin Valley

Key items: None

Items: Sun Stone, Full Restore, HP Up



Kill every trainer in this area- they all give really decent money. Then head south, solve the little puzzle and take the Sun Stone. Go left until you will reach a hiker on the hill, guarding the passage with boulders. There is a Full Restore. Now go south- west, you will reach a HP Up around boulders. Push them and take the vitamin. Now go north- east, up the hill, past the pokemaniac, and north. You will reach the path with 3 hikers/ ruin maniacs. They spin so you might want to avoid them. Use cut in front of the Dotted hole's doors and go inside.


Dotted hole:

Key items: Sapphire (stolen)

Items: None



Fall into the first hole. Then follow this: Up, Left, Right, Down. You will find a sapphire. uguu doc will steal it. No worries. Use dig to leave the island and go to island 5 now.


Island 5

Key items: None

Items: None



Togepi is a gift shit so we're just going to Rich ladies. Surf north.


Resort Gorgeous

Key items: None

Items: Antidote, Antidote, Nest Ball



Here is a Nest Ball. There are 2 antidotes laying in the sand. Waste of time- I'm not going to provide pics to those, sorry. There are 2 ladies here. Kick their asses and progress to Lost Cave. You can also battle the painters, they all hold only 1 poke (Smee, 1200 each).


Lost Cave

Key items: None

Items: Lax Incense, Max Revive, Rare Candy, Sea Incense, Silk Scarf



Okay. Simple instructions to collect all the items:


From the area with Ruin Maniac (also battle him, but avoid the psychic)

Lax Incrense - right, down

Max Revive - right, up, down, down, right, right

Rare Candy - right, up, down, down, right, left, down, left

Sea Incense - right, up, down, up

Selphy/ Silk Scarf - right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, up


Go to Five Island Meadow after that.


Five Island Meadow

Key items: None

Items: Max potion, PP Up



Cut the tree and get the Max Potion. Kill both of the rockets and surf to Memorial Pillar. If you wish, you can go through the small island on the right, killing the bird keepers along the way (each of them got 2 pokes, 1700 reward). There are also some berries laying around (one sitrus). Then go to the lower left corner to get into Memorial Pillar.


Memorial Pillar

Key items: None

Items: Metal Coat, TM42

Others: Green shard Tutor


Green shard Tutor moves:



Twister (1)

String shot (1)

Selfdestruct (2)

Air cutter (2)

Bounce (2)

Magic coat (3)

Pain split (3)

Dive (3)

Synthesis (3)

Heal bell (3)

Signal beam (3)

Super fang (3)

Headbutt (5)



Place the Lemonade you got from Celadon next to Memorial Pillar. The guy will give you a Facade TM. Then just collect the Metal Coat and go back to Five Island Meadow. Surf west to grab the PP up and enter Rocket Warehouse.


Rocket Warehouse:

Key items: Sapphire

Items: Antidote, Antidote, Up-Grade, TM36, Net Ball, Nest Ball



Maze in here is huge, so let me guide you with Screenshots:

This route first.

Either of these will work.

Then go there.

Then use teleporter left to Rocket

Hipster ball #1!

Follow the non-teleport track now and you'll easily reach Rocket Admin. Kick his ass and go to the room with Scientist to get the Hipster Ball #2

Collect the Up-Grade (you might want to battle the girl next to it, 2 pokes, 2300 reward) and Sludge Bomb TM along the way. You can actually defeat all the trainers in here, worth it. Obtain the Sapphire and go back to Celio. And there! You practicly almost finished the storyline. Almost...




Island 7

Key items: None

Items: None

Others: Swords Dance Tutor



If you go north, you will find a Trainer with a single Giraf (northern-most). You know what to do. Trainers in the Canyon Entrance are optional but might be worth defeating if you'd like some money for extra spoils. After defeating them, go to Seavault Canyon.


Seavault Canyon

Key items: None

Items: Antidote, King's rock, Max Elixir, Lucky Punch, Cheri Berry



Trainers in here might be worth battling as well. Watch out for a gril PKMN Ranger with Chansey though. Go all along the path, you'll reach an Antidote. Then in the grass behind the Tamer, there is a Max Elixir. Smash the rocks and push the boulders to obtain King's rock. There is a Lucky Punch in the house (haha) and Cheri Berry laying in front of it. Continue south to reach Tanoby Ruins.


Tanoby Ruins

Key items: None

Items: Heart Scale x4

Others: Red shard Tutor


Red shard Tutor moves:



Spite (1)

Knock off (2)

Trick (2)

Uproar (2)

Endeavor (3)

Iron Defense (3)

Icy Wind (3)

Ancientpower (3)

Outrage (3)

Fire punch (3)



It's optional, again. But Heart Scale is a cool item and grills love it. Also allows you to re-learn the moves when you reach Hoenn. Turn on the Max Repel and Surf west and on the second island from the right, collect the hidden Heart Scales from here, here, here and here. Tip: Heart Scales are only on the islands where people are. It's also really worth to kill them all- they all hold like uh, 20k. Fly to Cerulean now.


Three Isle Path

Key items: None

Items: Nugget



Go into the cave-path. Head few steps east and talk with this guy to get a Nugget.


Cerulean Cave

Key items: None

Items: Full Restore, Ultra Ball, Antidote, PP Up, Full Restore, Ultra Ball, Max Elixir, Max Revive, Ultra Ball



After you enter, go north, up the ladder. Smash 2 rocks and get the Full Restore. Now go back and go through the water path. Do not land on the ground where pokeball lays, go north-west instead. There is a hidden Ultra Ball here and ofc, right next to it is an Antidote. Continue south- there is nothing up the ladder near the Antidote. In the more southern ladder, crack the rock and get the PP Up. Go back and continue heading south, grab the Full Restore laying at the edge of land and go east. Follow the path to get to a ladder, go up. Crack the rock and get the Ultra Ball. Go back, head east and collect the Max Elixir along the way. Continue going through the path to eventually reach ladder that leads up. Follow this path. Go down the ladder twice. Now head east and get the Max Revive that lays among rocks. Finally head through the path and collect the laying Ultra Ball.


And voila! We are finished.

Estimated time is around 6-7 hours, depending on how advanced in alt runs you are.

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Hidden items locations:


Route 1- Potion



Viridian Forest- Antidote, Potion



Pewter City- Pokeball



Mt. Moon- 3x Tiny Mushroom, 3x Big Mushroom, Ether, Moon Stone


Route 4- Great Ball



Cerulean City- Rare Candy



Route 25- Elixir, Ether



Route 6- Rare Candy



Vermillion City- Max Ether



S.S. Anne- Hyper Potion



Route 11- Escape Rope



Route 9- Ether, Rare Candy



Route 10- Super Potion



Celadon City- Rare Candy



Rocket Hideout- Rare Candy, Net Ball, Nest Ball


Pokemon Tower- Big Mushroom



Route 17- Max Potion, Revival Herb, Rare Candy, Elixir


Fuchsia City- Revival herb



Safari Zone- Leaf Stone, Revive



Route 14- Zinc



Route 13- Poison Barb



Route 12- Rare Candy, Hyper Potion


Silph Co.- Ultra ball, Protein, Iron, PP Up, Elixir, Carbos, Zinc, Antidote, Max Potion, Calcium, HP Up, Revive


Floor 2


Ultra ball


Floor 3




Floor 4



Floor 5




Floor 6



Floor 7



Floor 8



Floor 9

Max Potion



Floor 10



Floor 11




Seafoam Islands- Water Stone



Pokemon mansion- Moon Stone, Rare Candy, Elixir


Treasure uguu- 2x Ultra Ball


Mt. Ember- Ultra Ball, Fire Stone


Cape brink- Rare Candy



Island 3- Full Restore, PP Up


Bond Bridge- Max Repel



Power Plant- Max Ether, Elixir, Thunderstone


Route 23- Max Ether, Ultra Ball, Full Restore, Elixir


Victory Road- Full Restore, Ultra Ball


Island 4- Ultra Ball



Green Path- Ultra Ball



Resort Gorgeous- Nest Ball



Rocket Warehouse- Net Ball, Nest Ball


Tanoby Ruins- Heart Scales


Cerulean Cave- Ultra Ball



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i used crt + f to count them up

Me too :p But I still find 9. Celadon City, Rocket Hideout, Route 16, Route 13, Silph, Island 3, Outcast Island, Five Isle Meadow and Cerulean Cave. This will be more clear when I will use spoilers, this will get fixed soon :)

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Me too :P But I still find 9. Celadon City, Rocket Hideout, Route 16, Route 13, Silph, Island 3, Outcast Island, Five Isle Meadow and Cerulean Cave. This will be more clear when I will use spoilers, this will get fixed soon :)

Cerulean City? the one behind the house?

There is one behind the house in Island 2

Others i dont remember 

There are like 7 hidden and 7 u can see iirc 

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Cerulean City? the one behind the house?

There is one behind the house in Island 2

Others i dont remember 

There are like 7 hidden and 7 u can see iirc 

We are talking about PP Ups, not Rare candies ;)



Hotlinks, spoilers and hidden items section added. :)

Now I only miss spoils to money conversion. I'll do it tommorow.

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