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Underdog Invitational Finale [May 17]

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The true skill takes predicting the 1st Round Losers Bracket...



Quave vs Jingor


Yogi vs Barrage


Vegan vs Amanu


Sykest vs LeGary


AFAIK shuffling the bracket is practice in every official tournament (unless something has changed) ? 


I will shuffle the bracket three times, no matter what.

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With: Thank you to Forf, Nicegay, Archi, Mauru, Brainjuice, Tyrone, Bowser, and whoever else gave me stuff to borrow or evd for me.


Thinknice and I were freaking out a day ago because we had like no pokemon and its pretty cool how it turned out so well, so thanks again to the people who helped and see everyone else again later.

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