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Never Introduced Myself so Yeah

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I started playing Pokemon when i was six, so Pokemon has been a part of my life for some time now. Before I found PokeMMO, I played on weird sites like Pokemonlake, and surprisingly, I found this place by searching up Pokemon pictures and finding someone's profile picture as a link. I've been playing PokeMMO since January 2013, and I've been playing there and there. I got my first ever lucky egg thanks to Kabab, who gave me tons of (there were rare at the time, dun judge) super rare Pokemon that I could have never caught. One of those Pokemon happened to be a competitve forretress, which I later sold for an egg. I've never been a good shiny collector. I started with one lucky egg, then I got a Shiny Parasect. I worked hard, got another egg. As time passed by, I made more and more friends and I learned things about Pokemon i never knew existed. By June 2013, I had acquired a Shiny Nidoqueen, which I later traded for a Shiny Persian. Then I sold that Persian to PattyLove for three lucky eggs and 200k, and i started my new Pokemon journey. Because I had a keen eye, I specialized in small trades. I would trade rarish Pokemon to noobs for good worth tms and items which I later sold for cash. I acquired more and more cash, until I could afford a Shiny Goldeen. This is when I invested money and bought a 4 31 one 30 Sassy Skarm for a Shiny Goldeen. I started breeding Skarms and then selling them for money for OU comps. This happened a month ago, so yeah. I sell Impish Skarms, and you can find me on Trade chat selling "Good Breeders" for 10k or more. I have a pretty good OU team (Aero, Vap, Snorlax, Gengar, Dragonite, Jolteon, Dusclops, BLISSEY, Blastoise, and Claydol) and you can also find me in Viridian Channel one reciting an ancient mantra called "LF 6v6 OU." i hope to become really good one day and Pwn everybody but i doubt that will happen. Also, #500 Hours.

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Dude pls. Everyone scouts me. It's unavoidable, but I'm adding 3 more comps to my team-pool so gl after that.

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