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[IPS] Moemon Fire Red Revival Project (Updated 9-17-2019)

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Moemon Fire Red Revival Project     Rejoice, moe friends and moe lovers! After countless hours battling bytes and pixels, we've completed a Moemon Patch! In addition to the updates Baka

@Moetal   I like Moltres and Articuno but Zapdos not so much.  I like something like this: [spoiler] [/spoiler]     Pidgeot "draft" (is it really a draft when you spend more time than some

Last new sprite, I promise (sorry couldn't resist) Wingull!   Back to backsprite hell I go...

While I agree with you, I rather move on for now and go back to them later. We don't have the time or resources to linger on the starters forever.


Whatever, yolo. I'll work on the rest later.





Shrink the butt a bit and/or move the lower body up. Exaggerate the hair ribbon a bit more (make it longer). Recolor the eyes slightly more (30-40% black, rest colored)

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There might be something wrong with the Sandslash sprite. I'm not sure if it was the battle itself but it only used defense curl and when it did it seemed to "jump up and down" its the only way I can describe it. Also when defeated it just simply disappears instead of sinking in to the ground like normal. The same thing seems to happen when an Arbok is defeated as well.

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Shrinked all three first stage and Ivysaur. See size comparison vs Gloom/unchanged Venusaur. I feel like I lost too much quality on Charmander, and Ivysaur's face went sour. I'll try them both again later unless you got free time on your hands Magi.



Caterpie is still too large. I'll try to shrink it later. For the eyes, I'm not fond of your style, and you're not fond of mine, so let's compromise and let Rache or someone be the middleman and let him fix them up.

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Is it possible to evolve Haunter through nomal level up with this patch or do I still have to trade it to make it evolve?

Try the Universal Pokemon Game Randomizer, there is an option to replace trade evolution with normal (level or stone) evolution

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Anyone having problem with the pokedex page of wartortle?


Clean FireRed rom should not have that problem. Are you using vanilla FireRed or a customized FireRed (with any other scripts/features)? Please check your clean FireRed if it is errored, then FireRed + this patch alone. Do not apply another patch or mod on top until you made sure it works for now.

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Anyone having problem with the pokedex page of wartortle?


I did but its always a good idea to install the Moemon patch into a fresh fire red rom rather then using a rom that has an outdated Moemon patch in it, if you do you will never have this problem again.

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Ultimately I find I cannot compromise on the shape of the eyes of Caterpie.  If its just a change of colour it may be ok.



Charmander is looking good, watch out for those 45 degree angles in the hair though and Ivysaur's eyes seem to have improved.

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what do you guys think?

I'm not good at spriting but these are some good finds...

[quote name="McMagister" post="735718" timestamp="1395750983"]

This was before your hair curve edit, but this is how I would edit the three unevolved moemon.[/quote]
Liked the new charizard!
But it seems that Ivysaur's too tall for her batch...
make her shorter or make the other two taller...

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