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[IPS] Moemon Fire Red Revival Project (Updated 9-17-2019)

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Hey guys, really good work you did there.

But I have a question about this Mod. Does it only work in US-Roms? Or are other languages fine as well?

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I made a couple different shiny palettes for Meowth:



Also, what do we think of a blonde Parasect?


I know it doesn't match that Paras sprite.



The ips patch only works with the English version.

Edited by Kickern

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I'm loving that Meowth sprite o3o

[spoiler]I can see my Meowth getting some payday usage in the future...[/spoiler]

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Pink! Pink! I love the pink! Time to start farming a shiny meowth *-*
[Spoiler]or swap out the real meowth for it >.>[/spoiler]

Also i love the blonde parasect.


And i didnt even realize that mismagius had an updated sprite, i just assumed she wouldnt.

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Go white and pink Meowth!


I like blonde Parasect. I think a backsprite could be worked on now.


Still like tights instead of socks.

Edited by Swirly

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I'm in favor of pink shiny Meowth, as it matches the real shiny. 
I'm not much of a spriter, but Parasect could use a different pose. It looks like it's doing arm stretches or something.


I think flexing the elbows could make the pose much more moe and less awkward. 

That said, you're all doing a great job, and I'm looking forward to future updates :)

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I think there's something off about the decorative lines on the outfit. The orange one should to be closer to the edge, while the yellow one for the sleeve should be thicker. The front sprite's sleeves should be larger by one pixel or two (extend downward and leftward). The left arm looks scrawny to me, but fixing the sleeve might fix it. Persian's sleeve looks funny to me because of how it is curved upward near the bottom. I feel it would be more natural if it was more straight instead of curving up. This might destroy a lot of the charm, but consider connecting the shirt to the skirt (extend the shirt instead of showing her waist).


Parasect's hair feels really different from the smooth/round of Paras. Sync the hairstyle a bit more if possible.

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Missing ahoge x.x
And the eyes dont match x.x
Ill fix it after work

Forgot to post it x.x

Also if anyone is willing to support my art as a career see the spoiler. (Im not asking for money)
[Spoiler]I've been hired as a graphic designer at a local up and coming studio in my town. Im taking it upon myself to get the studio a little more well known so any help is greatly appreciated!
So if any of you with a facebook could help me out, click the link below and like Dat Green House Productions. Thank you so much!
https://www.facebook.com/DatGreenHouseProductions/[/spoiler] Edited by CrookedWings427

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Could I install the "Trainer Magikarp-tan" MOD only?

How many files I have to Download?

Read the first page. :P



*Trainer Magikarp-tan not included, please feel free to add her in yourself.


(Credit to Kickern)


So download that link, and then you've got to manually install her yourself. There's no IPS patch or other version that comes with her preinstalled, but the tools that are included in that link do have the ability to just install what you want and nothing else.

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so i found this thing i made ages ago?  i no longer have the file because that was like two computers ago, but i guess i wondered what you guys though of it

it's a link to my tumblr bc the images are..super tiny if i link directly.  http://peyelle.tumblr.com/post/34547710528/idk-yo-think-it-looks-okay-for-a-first-try

It's a uber chibi, which tend to be only used for small children. I can't see it being used for Absol.

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Hello everyone. I am new on this forum, but I've been following this tread for quite some time now, and so I thought I might help. So i would like to know if you have some advices/tutorials for a newbie in pixel art, and what pokemon are to do actually.


Thanks in advance for your advices, and al your hard work on this "game". i am a huge fan of it.





(also, sorry if I make little sense, I am not born as an english speaker)

Edited by Scipion

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Can you please use the multiquote button instead of posting multiple times in a row


Sure. I thought it will be more readable if I post it like that.

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I did my best to try and make her look a bit better. I feel the orange could be a bit darker though, I didn't change it however because that may be a personal thing.






Scyther. Free hand wings are not my forte.


My, my :3
What an lovely Scyther :3

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