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Hello is this game is good

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This game is the best. Play it and get "happily addicted"! Seriously, if you give it some time and really learn about all the mechanics and how much possibilities there really are here, you'll love it more than any high-graphic game that's released these days ;)


Content > Graphics


PS: If you're really into PvP and competitions in games, this game is very competitive and there are tournaments all the time. Find a nice team and experience the thrill of winning. Just take a look around the forum for all the competitive activity.


Welcome to PokeMMO (nice name btw; an admin shares the same name without the "s" at the end, lol)

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I enjoy it so far, pokemon always wanted to be an MMO I think what with the emphasis on trading with friends in order to complete the game. And the encouragement to battle with friends....


The only problem I can find with it, is it doesn't have all the feature of the newest games and honestly what did I expect for free? Its not like we have all of Nintendo with their limitless money and man power here, so for what it is, its darn impressive! O_O

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