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[Results Inside] Music Battle (Town Edition)

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First Place: Barrage 121.75 points

Overall we felt that this entry best depicted the area and lent itself to being played on an endless loop.

His use of tones that emulated the original sound of the games was a nice touch on an excellent entry.





Second Place: OrangeManiac 120 points

Another extremely well done entry. His entry captured the aquatic nature of Cerulean city very well. OrangeManiac did a great job keeping the volume in a softer range to better simulate the relaxing nature of water.





Third Place: Trainer Parker 112.5 points

TrainerParker took a very unique take on Lavender Town in that it captured some of the eeriness of the area, but at the same time did not quite convey the overall theme of a graveyard. This entry was well composed and very compelling to listen to, but it was just lacking in the creepy, foreboding factor of Lavender Town.






The music battle is back for another round of musical mayhem. This time we want to hear your best idea for a town theme for any of the cities in Fire Red. Are you up to the challenge?


Start: Monday, February 10 12AM EST| 5AM GMT| 9PM PST

End: Thursday, March 6  11PM EST| 4AM GMT| 8PM PST



  • All submissions must be original work, no remixes or covers are allowed.
  • You may use pre-recorded sounds, samples, VSTi, etc to create your entry.
  • You may not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds in length.
    • Entries exceeding this length will be disqualified.
  • All submissions are due by 11 PM EST on Thursday, March 6.
  • All submissions must be made via Youtube uploads. No other format will be accepted.
  • You may not post more than one clip in the thread.
  • If you wish to change your entry you must edit your initial entry post.
    • Failure to follow this rule will result in your first post being judged and all others discarded.
  • You may only enter a theme for a town that already exists in game currently.


Towns Available:

Pallet Town

Viridian City

Pewter City

Cerulean City

Vermillion City

Lavendar Town

Celadon City

Saffron City

Fuchsia City

Cinnabar Island

Islands 1-7


Users who fail to follow the format below will be given a chance to edit their post to be in compliance until the end of the contest. After such time any posts that do not meet the above format will lose points for failing to format their post as shown below.


Entry Format:

Town: Pallet Town

IGN: XelaKebert





Suggested Software:

Soundation - A free, browser based recording studio.


Audacity - A free audio recorder/editor.


Judging Criteria:

All submissions will receive a numeric score based on the following criteria.



Prize: 800 Reward Points



JudgesXelaKebert, Strychnine, ShinyChansey, Tranzmaster


Feel free to PM me with any questions/feedback regarding the event.

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I'm happy to see you've included the judging criteria with this event and that you're hosting this sort of thing but I liked how last time you didn't DQ if songs went on too long, but just judged the first X amount of time in the song. I can understand why you want them short but it was neat to give a lot of creative freedom with length.


Either way I'm excited to hear entries and think it's a good event to bring back. :) 

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i would really like to submit my entry now rather than on the 10th :|

i see no reason why a submission cant sit, because unlike most of the children/teens on this website, it doesnt take long for someone with producing expirence to create what sounds they envision in their head

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