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Rules for Unofficial Tournaments - Read Before Posting

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The Unofficial Tournaments sub-forum is for Unofficial Tournaments and searching for battles.

Posts for Events such as catching events, or any similar can be posted here.

If you are looking for feedback on your Pokemon, please visit: Competitive Assistance


If you are looking for competitive discussions, please visit: Competition Alley

While this is an Unofficial Tournaments sub-forum please be respectful towards other players ideas regarding tournaments, hosting, prizes, etc.

If you want to host a tournament, the following list contains important things you might want to include:

  • Date and Time
  • Location and Channel
  • Level Cap
  • Amount of Pokemon
  • Tournament Format (Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Round Robin, Swiss)
  • Clauses (Species Clause, Sleep Clause, Evasion Clause, OHKO Clause, etc.)
  • Ban Broken Moves
  • Bracket (http://challonge.com/ is very useful)
  • Prizes
  • Tier


Please refrain from spamming tournament threads with test posts to check the forum time, you can do this yourself in profile settings. If you're planning on hosting Spontaneous Tournaments please create one thread for all of them. This also includes posts during signups that only include a period. Remember that all Rules for In-game | Forums still apply, and these posts can be considered spamming/off topic posting.


Player's ranking and statistics threads will no longer be pinned in this Sub Forum, as multiple threads of this nature are allowed and I do not want to discourage anyone by pinning some and not others. 


Please refrain from creating team-only competitive event threads. Creating a team thread for multiple purposes (Team only tournaments but also events and spontaneous tournaments for everybody) is allowed. Team-only competitive events should be posted in the your Club.

Non PokeMMO Related competition topics do not belong in Competition Alley.

Some useful links:

PokeMMO Tier lists: Official Usage Statistics and Tier Lists
Forum Rules
List of Clauses

Official Event Sub-Forum

Note: The tier list is managed by a Tierlist Council, and as PokeMMO's meta-game is constantly changing with new updates, the tier list will always be changing along side it. Also as the tier list is still new, it may not be entirely accurate until extensive testing is done through player tournaments.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints, feel free to message
Jerryzoo or Kudasai

If you wish your thread to be closed and/or trashed, feel free to post it in the thread or PM one of the Competition Alley moderators mentioned above. The last method can also be used if you wish your thread to be reopened.

Also I would like to note, if you sign up for a staking tournament and your items are lost, there is nothing we can do to get them back. You are at your own risk when staking your own items.

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