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Hello everyone and good evening to you all I believe some of you may know me but i go by the name ShunGTX. I'm a very polite person who is always friendly but, be warned if you get on my bad side I can be a very mean person seriously don't get on my nerves an all. I pretty much started my PokeMMO career a long time I don't remember the day i first play this game but, I left a long time now so I'm here again and my goodness the game has change quite a lot since I first made my new account on here in the summer of 2013. So what do I do on the game? Well I spend most of my time breeding my comps, buying TMs, selling crappy low levels and high levels pokes for a very low budget and OHKOing NPC Trainer's pokemons with my highly lv.100 OP persian with pay day.


Well what I'm trying to do at the moment is to hunt for some OU tier pokemons believe me it's quite hard finding some good OU pokes. I also found a larvitar with beastly IVs based on my luckyness ^^ but, apparently it had a neutral nature.. I also have an adamant venusaur which is probably one of my best comps at the moment the fact is that fudnud made me mess up on my moveset for my venusaur >.> I don't blame him that much he is trying to help me. I do spend quite a lot time on EV training my comps so yea. I'm thinking of hunting for shiny which is gonna take like a month or so since they're so damn rare on this game.


So i'm gonna wrap this introduction up I wasn't trying to make it long for all you enthusiasm readers.

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