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[Sig] Signature Rating Thread

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how bout these




Both are poorly rendered with somewhat strange backgrounds, and very difficult to read text. 2-3/10

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Thoughts of these :3?

Very well done.  Fonts match the rest of the sigs, they feel complete.  However, the second one does it better.

First one 8/10

Second one 9/10

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your signature is fucking awful

seriously, my dead senile arthritis-ridden great-grandmother can draw better than whoever made that piece of shit.



this is the greatest compliment i ever received, i will treasure it with all my heart. i will take a screenshot of this moment, print it out, frame it, and hang it above my computer so i can gaze upon it everyday. and then i will shed a single tear because that's how much it means to me. thank you so much. this moment has been life changing.

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lol better?


rate it now 

[spoiler]too many Xx xX like seriously thats for like an 8 year old kid's gamertag but that does not matter at all[/spoiler]

now over all the sig very good so 9/10 ninetales I think should be brought out a little bit more imo

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I agree with TheOriginal, the text at bottom is also a little hard to read.  Its a well put together sig, its just not something I really find engaging and interesting. For just quality I'd give it an 8/10, for appeal about 5/10

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