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[Story] [Adventure] Students and the Colossi

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[spoiler]Author's Note (I guess? xD)


Anyway, I decided to post one of my stories here for everyone to see and. . . criticise and yeah ;w;


It's kinda like Shadow of the Colossus (if any of you have ever heard of it)


but with more colossi and things are a bit more different.


I already have the prologue and three chapters done, and I've been procrastinating with the fourth chapter ahahaha i'm sorry ;w;


Oh whale, here we go~ xD[/spoiler]





“Class dismissed. Don’t forget to finish your book assignment, children.”


FINALLY. I thought as the school bell rung and my English teacher dismissed the class. I quickly packed my stuff up and literally ran out of the classroom first and into the hallway. I stood at the foot of the stairs, waiting for my friend Emily to get out of the classroom as well. Her slowpoke-self finally came out and walked over to me. We smiled and descended down the incredibly long flight of stairs.


“So, what’s the book called again?” I asked Emily, skipping over a step since there was a ton of trash there, as usual.


“U-Uhm, I think it’s called, The Forbidden Land or something like that.” She replied, taking out the rather thick book out of her backpack. “Yeah, it’s The Forbidden Land alright.” She confirmed, quickly putting the book back as we jumped over the last few steps of stairs. We exited the school building, the hot wind greeting our faces. We waved goodbye to each other as we went our separate ways and walked home.

Hmph, wonder what boring topic this one will be about. I thought to myself and giggled a bit. A few minutes later, I was walking up the steps of my home, already starting to smell the wonderful breath of food.


“Awesome, Mum made quesadillas!” I said to myself and quickly pulled out my house keys and opened the door to my home.[/spoiler]



.:Chapter One:.


~The Book~


I took out the book from my backpack and started taking a bite out of a quesadilla. I looked over the book and noticed that it was pretty old, but it had this sort of. . .feeling to it. I can’t really explain it very well, but it’s like a sort of. . .amazing feeling. Anyway, I quickly finished the quesadilla I was holding and opened up the book. It looked way more interesting than the other books my English teacher assigned the class, that’s for sure.


“The Forbidden Land, written by Mono. . . . .”


Mono? What kind of name for a girl is that? Oh, and how do I know whether Mono is a girl or not? Well, Mono means “doll” in Spanish, and I’ve never heard a parent call their little boy a doll before (I mean it is possible, but that’s not the point), so I can only assume Mono is a girl. Anyway, not only did Mono have such a weird name, but she didn’t write down her last name either. This was becoming weirder and weirder, but I just shrugged it off.


I began reading the book and holy crap I was HOOKED. Like, this story didn’t even have much of a plot to it, but something about it was just. . .amazing. Maybe it was because the author described the Forbidden Land so well, I don’t know. It was just amazing. And I don’t think amazing is even close to how awesome this book was.


I read it for a good two hours before reading the last sentence and finally finishing the book. I quickly closed it and lay down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling with my mouth slightly open.


“Holy crap, where has this book been all my life?!” I yelled at the ceiling, not really expecting a response of course, since ceilings don’t really talk and all. I turned my head to the right and looked at my bedside clock. It read 8:00 PM.


Wait, what? I thought, thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me. I took off my glasses and rubbed my eyes, then cleaned my glasses and put them back on. I looked back at the clock, but it still said 8:00 PM. That’s weird. I could’ve sworn that I started reading the book at 4:00 PM. But me being me, I simply shrugged it off again, thinking it was nothing.


Since it was already 8:00 PM and there was school again tomorrow, I decided that I would go to sleep early this time. I usually sleep at twelve in the morning, but for some reason, I felt like sleeping earlier than that. Weird, but once again, I shrugged it off. I slipped into my PJ’s and slumped onto my bed, pulling the covers over me and quickly falling asleep.[/spoiler]



.:Chapter Two:.


~The Forbidden Land~


I woke up to a gentle breeze sweeping over my face. I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, so I really couldn’t see where the breeze was coming from. I just assumed it was coming from the window near my bed that I might have forgotten to close at night, so I yelled out, “Mum, can you close my bedroom window please?” A few minutes passed, and I can still feel the breeze on face. I sighed and started slowly opening my eyes. Everything was a bit blurry, since I didn’t have my glasses on, so I can only make out a green wall. . . . .


“Wait, what?” I asked myself, suddenly wide awake and looking around. All I could make out was green, so I started touching the ground for my glasses. I finally managed to get a hold of them, and I quickly put them on. I looked around me, and saw moss-covered walls almost everywhere, along with some huge, strange looking statues in between some of the walls. There was also some sort of altar all the way near the entrance of. . .whatever this place is.


Then, that’s when it hit me. This place looked exactly as that one shrine in the story I’ve read, you know, The Forbidden Land.


“Wait. . . .Am I actually in the Shrine of Worship right now?!” I panicked. Why am I here? Is this place even real? Is this a dream? If it isn’t. . .then how will I ever get back home? Suddenly, I heard some groaning behind me, so I quickly turned around.


“H-Hey, it’s Emily!” I exclaimed as I quickly ran over to her. She started waking up, muttering some things that I really couldn’t understand at all. She opened her eyes, and I saw that they widened as soon as she opened them.


“U-Uhm, w-where the heck are we, Leixan?!” She managed to stutter out. I simply shrugged and continued to look around.


“I dunno, but it looks like the Shrine of Worship to me. . .” I said as I started walking around the place.


“Sh-Shrine of Worship? Oh, you mean that shrine from the book, r-right?” She asked, and I nodded. We walked around the place and noticed that there were a few other kids like us still sleeping. They all looked a bit familiar though, like I’ve actually seen them somewhere before.


“Hey wait a minute, aren’t these the kids from our English class?!” I exclaimed, suddenly remembering these faces from our English class in school. Emily and I never really talked to them before, but we have seen them around in class. Emily and I sat down on the ground as we waited for everyone else to wake up. It took a while (especially with this one kid whom we had to shake so he could wake up), but soon everyone was wide awake, either amazed or terrified at the fact that they’re inside the Shrine of Worship.


Once everyone was awake, the ground started rumbling, and two voices suddenly started speaking. Everyone looked up, and saw that the two voices were coming from a large circle of light in the ceiling of the shrine.


“Ah, thou art finally awake. . .” The voices said in perfect unison.


“So. . .thou art wondering why thou art here. Thou were simply chosen by us to do an important task. Why thou art doing this task instead of other humans like you, we shall not explain. . .yet. The task is this. . . Thou have been chosen to defeat twenty-three colossi. It seems simple, but it is far from it. Do not worry, we shalt provide thou with the items necessary for this ‘simple’ task. . .”


Once “they” were done talking, a brilliant flash of light shone from the altar near the entrance. Once it faded, we can see that there now sat seven really cool-looking weapons, once for each of us.


“Choose your weapons wisely. If thou art in need of a noble steed, thou can find them out roaming across this great, vast land during your journey. . . .” The voices finished.


I waited for them to say something else, but I guess that was all they were going to say for now.[/spoiler]



.:Chapter Three:.


~The Sword~


As soon as “they” (whom I think are called Dormin, now that I actually think about it) stopped talking, everyone started murmuring and whispering things among each other. I walked over to the altar and looked at the weapons. There was a sword, a bow with a quiver full of arrows, a crossbow, a lance, a battle axe, a staff, and a shield.


“So, which one are you gonna pick, Leixan?” Emily asked, who was suddenly right beside me looking at the weapons as well. Wait, how the heck did she get there so fast? And how did I not notice her walk over here? Well, Emily sure can be strange sometimes I guess. I simply shrugged as I kept staring at all these weapons. They were all just so cool-looking, I had no idea what to choose.


Then, when I looked over to the sword again, I had this strange sort of feeling inside of me. I can’t really explain this either, but the feeling was like, as if this sword was meant for me or something. I shrugged it off and finally decided to choose the crossbow. I reached over and grabbed it, but for some reason, I couldn’t lift it. Like it was literally glued to the altar or something.


I tried grabbing the other weapons, and the same thing happened. I couldn’t lift any of them at all, no matter how hard I tried. I went over to the sword last, thinking that I wouldn’t lift that one up either. But, I was wrong. This sword wasn’t like it was glued to the altar like the other ones. Huh, guess this sword really was meant for me then.


“Hey Emily, I think I’ll just go outside and practice using my sword for a bit.” I said. She nodded, and I walked down some stairs and entered the outside. Everything was exactly how the book said it was, and it looked amazing. All the way in front of me was some pretty huge cliffs. Surrounding those cliffs was just a great, vast field of grass, swaying from the cool breeze. There were a few cliffs here and there, but they weren’t really that high from the ground. They were still high enough, that if you jumped off from one of them, you’d probably break your legs.


Near one of these cliffs was a pretty large tree, with a pond hiding right underneath the shade of the tree. I decided to walk over there and practice using this cool sword. I started swinging the sword around for a while, quickly getting the hang of it. After a while, when I slashed the air in front of me, it felt like the sword actually moved around a bit.  I found that strange, and when I swung again, the sword actually started moving on its own, and brought me along with it.


It started doing feints and lunges and thrusts, while I was struggling to keep up with it. As the sword kept doing. . .whatever it was doing, I tried to keep up with it, trying to learn its movements and do them myself. I started getting used to it, and soon I started doing these thrusts and lunges all by myself, as if I just became a professional fencer or something. Once I was done, I held the sword up to my face and said, “Well, thanks for giving me the lessons then.”


I stretched a bit, raising the sword in the air when I noticed it reflecting the light to a certain place. I moved the sword around, just making sure that the light pointed to an actual certain place, and it did. I followed the light and saw that it pointed right at those huge cliffs I mentioned before. At first, I wondered why the light pointed there, when I remembered what Dormin said. Those other kids, Emily, and I were here to defeat 23 colossi for some reason. Dormin never really told us why, and I can’t seem to remember much about what happened in the book either. I sighed as I started walking back to the shrine, wondering if everyone else has chosen their weapons yet.[/spoiler]


Spoilered because. . . length. xD

Oh whale. I gotta stahp procrastinating and get that fourth chapter done. ;w;'

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