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Team Tournament (September)

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Will we be getting a redo one for August?


The Team Tournament for August never happened due to the lack of referees available. The Team Tournament requires at least six refs to run two team matches (2 x 3 = 6) at a time, whereas most other tournaments require four. On top of this, this tournament is 50% larger than most (3 x 16 = 48). With that being said, referees must know they will be available the whole time, and with it being OU 6v6 and 48 contestants, many referees cannot stay the whole time. Now, to answer your question, no. The Team Tournament for August will not be redone. I don't feel it would be fair to the winning team to be in the Hall of Fame for everyone to see for only a few weeks, whereas others have been there for 1-2 months.


To everyone else--- I appreciate the feedback and I will take it into account with next month's tournament. Whether it's me hosting or somebody else, we will reference this thread on your feedback (please don't complain, but normal feedback is nice). I personally felt that enough teams out there had many competitive players that enjoy UU. Isn't the point of being a great trainer to take what you have and use it to the best of your ability? 


Keep the feedback coming in a professional manner please. Instead of, "this sucks!!" try something like, "I don't like this. Here are reasons why---". It comes across a lot easier to staff, and instead of feeling insulted we will probably agree with you. That is, if it is logical. We appreciate the feedback as it helps us improve on the way these tournaments are run. You are the playerbase, you make the game happen. Of course we want you guys to be happy. Help us help you.

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People stop being so harsh, as hard as it may seem to believe this is a PokeMMO(n) forum. Ofcourse we will be having kids of around 10-15 here, it's like you're slapping an icecream of a childs hand. Pls


That's how I felt when this was UU, my ice cream being slapped out of my cone. As defending champions I was hoping to defend our title in the meta that which it was won in (OU). Not to say we don't have comp UU's or don't enjoy it, but it feels out of place. Nonetheless we will show up and defend with our UU teams.

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I prefer UU over OU any day of the week. Who doesnt hate running into a skarmblisslax paired with vaporeon zam and mence?
Atleast in this tier some original team compositions will be seen.

Tl; dr haters gonna hate but UU > OU

In our current 'ou meta' I would've to agree.
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I think since it's a team tournament, having UU is probably a nice idea. However, all UU seems like a bad idea. I think what would make sense the team tourneys would be something like: 2OU and 1 UU, or something like that. Teams need to be good at both, not just 1 or the other, and that's probably the best way to do that. It still gives the advantage to the most used meta for now and still includes another one. That'd create some kind of balance.

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Sorry, I was a little confused by the wording. Do we need 5 members for a team?


You may have 3-5 members for a team. Only 3 members can battle per round. 



Registered Players - PlayerA, PlayerB, PlayerC, PlayerD, PlayerE


Any 3 can compete per round---
Round 1:

PlayerA, PlayerD, PlayerE


You may switch who competes each round---
Round 2:

PlayerA, PlayerC, PlayerB 

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I like that this team turnament is UU as I like the tier more than OU. But I think it'd be nice if the format varied from month to month. LIke month1: OU, month2: OU, doubles, month3: UU, month 4:UU doubles, month5: NU or something like that. It doesn't have to be this way but I think that a variety in the teamturney-format would be nice. A team isn't the best just because it dominates one tier. .-P

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I kinda agree with Marsus on that. But that's why limiting the team tourney in 1 tier per month is a bad idea IMO. It doesn't show who the best team is in general, it just shows who is the best team in that tier category. That's why I think there should be more variety in the same month. Like, 1 OU singles, 1 OU doubles and 1 UU singles or something like that. It'd then show who's the best globally and not just in 1 specific meta. I know it'd be hard for the refs to know who's the battler of which category, but if that gets figured out easily I think it'd be the best way to do it.

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