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We are going to try the Events Calendar for a while but the old "Upcoming Tournaments" will still be here in the first comment. Please feel free to tell your opinion on this!
Quick access to the GMT Calendar: Standard Calendar


Quick access to your own personal Calendar after doing "3.": Personal Calendar


PokeMMO Events Calendar

This thread is a substitution for the old “Upcoming Tournaments” it will be by ran both Greck and me (SirGaryOak). So both of us will be responding to anything to do with this calendar and be the ones in charge of it, also a special thanks to Greck for suggesting it here.

  1. Introduction to the Calendar
  2. Our standard Calendar
  3. How to get the Calendar work for your own time zone
  4. How to get the Calendar on your Smart Phone
  5. Getting access to editing in the calendars
  6. Thanks



1. Introduction to the Calendar


The Calendar is used to see all the upcoming official tournaments, unofficial tournaments and registration dates with an easy layout. The Calendar is made by Greck and me (SirGaryOak) so if you have any questions feel free to PM either of us or make a comment here on the thread and one of us will respond to it. With this idea members here that we trust will get permission by us through their Gmail account to edit and post their own tournaments with eventual updates, also the Calendar with official events made by Squirtle (found here) will automatically be updated into our Events Calendar and then Greck and me (SirGaryOak) will add the registration dates too since they aren’t in Squirtle’s Calendar.





2. Our Standard Calendar


In our Calendar we are going to have a color system, which is as described here:

Red font means; registration (both official and unofficial)

Blue font means; official event happening

Green font means; unofficial event happening


In the description of the events in the Standard Calendar there will be a link to the topic.


The Standard Calendar is our standard and will always show the times in GMT, here is a label with some of the most used time zones, if you want to convert it by yourself:

EST = Time in GMT -5 hours

AEST = Time in GMT +11 hours

CET = Time in GMT +1 hour

PST = Time in GMT -8 hours


Here you can see our “Standard Calendar

(We will try to get someone from the “upper staffs” permission to have the Calendar shown as in Squirtles thread here Simply not possible :(


After doing step "3. How to get the Calendar work for your own time zone" you can at any time press "Personal Calendar" to get to you own personal Calendar!





3. How to get the Calendar work for your own time zone


Now if you want to get the Calendar automatically and always change the times to your own specific time zone you will need to follow those instructions.


     1. Get an E-mail account. I personally recommend Gmail, but you can use any E-mail, it is a free E-mail system made by Google to find it you can press this link. You are going to use that E-mail account to get your own Google Calendar found here.


     2. Open our Standard Calendar and press this button calendar_plus_en.gif situated in the bottom right corner. When you do this, the Calendar will then be added to your own Personal Calendars found here now in the left side you should be able to see “My calendars” and “Other calendars”, if we have given you permission to edit in the calendar it will be in “My calendars” if we haven’t, it will be in “Other calendars”, under those you should be able to see: “PokeMMO Registration”, PokeMMO Tournaments” and “PokeMMO Events Calandar”, each with a different color which you now can decide for yourself of your liking!

It is shown here what it looks like:



If you have this, make then sure that all of the colored boxes are filled with their color, this means they will be shown in your calendar to the right of you, this is simply done by clicking on the box and can easily be hidden again by clicking on the box again.


     3. Now it’s time to make it automatically update all the times to your time zone automatically! In the top right corner of the Google calendar screen you can see a little “wheel” which represents your options, press that and then press settings as shown here on the picture below:



     4. Now you can easily make all the times convert to your time zone with this option:



I live in Denmark so of course picked my time zone, you can even if you wants to “Show an additional time zone”, so just find the one(s) you like and press save in the top/bottom left corner of the window. And jubii all the Calendars should be updated to your time zone as long as you check them in your own calendar. The link to our “standard calendar” will remain in GMT.


     5. You can always find your calendars in your Google calendars, which can be found here with your own time zone that you picked.





4. How to get the Calendar on your Smart Phone


This should work on all smart phones but have only been confirmed on android and iPhone, in this guide I will be showing you how to do it on an iPhone since that is what I got, but it should be easily relatable to other Smart Phones. We should soon also have pictures on how it would look on an Android!


     1.Do everything in the "3. How to get the Calendar work for your own time zone"


     2. Open the app store on your Smart Phone and search for “Google Calendar” and download that. This is a free application.



     3. Open the app and login using your E-mail account you used for your "Google Calendar" account.


     4. Here is a picture with introduction to the program on Iphone, I hope it’s relatable to other Smart Phones.



     5. Actually you got it working now but for a cleaner layout I prefer this, since I will only be using the App for the PokeMMO Events Calandar. Go to “options button” (shown as a wheel) and now a window will pop up where you can switch in the top left corner between “Settings” and “Calendars”. Now go to the Calendars and set a mark at “PokeMMO Registration”, “PokeMMO Tournaments” and “PokeMMO Events Calendar” and remove all the marks from any other Calendar as shown here:



Now in settings you can also edit your time zone here if you want along with the default view, which I prefer to have a “Month” and other settings you can set as you like, as you can see here: 



Now press “Done” in the Top right corner and your Calendar should appear either by day, week, month or list. I prefer to see it as “month” shown here:



Now you can easily scroll through all the PokeMMO Events on your Smart Phone to get a nice overlook of what plans PokeMMO have for you to join today.





5. Getting access to editing in the calendars.


If Greck and I (SirGaryOak) see you as an active member of the PokeMMO Community which we know well enough you can request access through PM, we will only do this to members we see post tournaments regularly and this is a good idea to request for since you will

A: ease the job for Greck and Me (SirGaryOak)

B: be able to always update your tournaments fast and easily displayed to the rest of the community, which means you will be independent of Greck and Me (SirGaryOak) to do it for you.





6. Thanks


Thanks a lot to everyone who did read our thread, thanks to Greck for doing so much of the technical work, thanks to SirGaryOak for making a thread/guide out of it and to Marsus and Emlee for being our "lab bunnies" to make sure that everything worked fine. Greck and Me (SirGaryOak) would appreciate any response we can get, since we did a whole lot of effort into making this!

Edited by SirGaryOak

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Old Thread "Upcoming Tournaments"
If the OP of the links below wants to make changes on here that I have not already caught, please reply to this thread. I really appreciate the help from you guys and girls I can get to keep this thread completely updated – thanks!
Here is a list of upcoming tournaments. They’re sorted by date on when they happen. 

Red font means registration has already started. (Reserves may still be taken in the respective thread) 

Black font means registration has not appeared yet.

NOTE: At the moment there is changes in summer time and standard time, so for your own sake check the time in your own timezone also, but for the times in EST, GMT and AEST I should have the times with the summer/standard time changes for when they occur. 


  • :o






Spontaneous Tournaments (they will occur spontaneously so keep and eye on the threads):
  • This list is credited to “Romuldo” for suggesting it. 
  • All registration periods are being converted to EDT, AEST and GMT to better accommodate our players. 
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) [London] 
  • AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) [Sydney] 
  • EST = EDT (Eastern Standard Time) = (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) [New York City] 
  • If the OP of the links above wants to make changes on here that I have not already caught, please reply to this thread. 

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