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[Sig] free sigs by bimps

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oh sry bb. yeah i think it's time to explain why i talk in lowercase and use txt lingo. IT'S STORYTIME WITH BIMPSSSSSSssssssssssssssss ;_;


so once upon a fegit i discovered tumblr posts, aka things that make no fucking sense. when i started using this forum, i talked in lowercase. butt why bimps?????? because in my opinion it makes shit 100x funnier. look: When your mom comes home and makes the spaghetti vs when u mom com home and maek hte spagheti. see? funnier. also i replace you with u because it also make things more funnier, and use "bb" and " ;))))))" and "ily" to respond to people to fuck with them. oh and if you want to see my work at it's best, go check out my art thread (mainly the last page). for sweet bimps and hella chansey, i edit all the shit u see in paint, but sweet bro and hela jeff is made in photoshop. well i'll do ur sig later bb byeeeeeeeee

so can u make me one?

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Hi! I was not sure where to ask, I hope it is ok to ask here. Which tool do you use to draw? I used Microsoft Office Online but want smth new. Any good alternatives?

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