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The PokeMMO Forums Signature Contest

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Explanation: Contestants create a new and original Forums Signature for themselves and submit it as an entry. 
Recommended Resolution: 76 or 92 dpi
Recommended Size: 500x200

Times/dates: Sept 1st 12:01AM EDT - Sept 10th 11:59PM EDT

Prize: Beret (default grey)



  • All submissions are to be in during the contest duration, not early or late
  • Work must be new and original
  • Signatures can be animated but do not need to be
  • Submissions must be accompanied by an in game name
  • Only one submission per person
  • Submissions are via the Event thread
  • Max Size: 600px by 300px
  • Must be Pokemon/PokeMMO Related


Event Staffing:


Host: Emlee
Judges: NaitDawgShinyChanseyMariout, DeejayeXand


We have many superb signature artists on the PokeMMO forums and I have confidence that there will be some fantastic entries! Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns, or post in the discussion thread.


Good luck!



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Lol, it somehow got corrupted and the animation got cut before looking like a perfect loop and I didn't save the project.. >_>



IGN: Vival


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nice but DQ'd as it has nothing to do with Pokemon/PokeMMO

(could argue it has a PokeMMO team tag on it but eh doesn't cut it for me)






Was made by Evesa(Jumwes), Jurlay and Me using TeamViewer


IGN: Jumwes

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Entries look great so far, keep them coming :)


Also please ensure you have read the OP in its entirety so that your submission is abiding by all of the contest regulations. 

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Haven't done anything GFX related in years. Decided to give it a shot.




IGN: Raizex




Realized the mandatory size was 500x200, I saw it wrong and did 600x300. I'll try to fix it. lol


okay, done. Looks a bit off, but that'll work.

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