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Creative Audio/Video Rules


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1.) All global forum rules apply, they can be seen here; Rules for Forums


2.) If you're going to be negative, always give constructive criticism as to why you feel that way. Criticizing work just for the sake of criticizing it/being rude will result in your post being hidden.

          Threads that exist purely to harass another member will be deleted, and will result in a warning point.

3.) In relation to rule 2, if you are on the recieving end of negative constructive feedback, please try not to take offense, use it as a tool to help you improve.


4.) All videos must be directly embedded into the threads page.

5.) Do not post somebody elses work without their permission, doing so will result in the thread/post being removed, be sure to make sure that what you do use is free of use/you have asked to use such first, and credit accordingly.

6.) No request threads, if you wish to request a user make you something, PM them personally.

7.) Always keep thread titles accurate, and free of inappropriate language. Self-censored curse words will be considered as inappropriate. If a thread's title does not meet these guidelines it will be changed.

8.) Only owners of the thread can double post, and the conditions for them doing so must be to post new Audio/Video. Try to make use of the edit button provided to you if you feel that you left something out.

9.) Do not make threads, or post in threads asking how to do something, if you can't find a tutorial elsewhere, send a PM to someone in this section who may know.

10.) The only person who can "bump" a thread is the original creator of the topic, and only once it has reached the second page. Bumping another persons thread will likely result in your post being hidden/deleted."

11.) All threads must be tagged appropriately. Look at any similar threads if you are not sure which tag to use, or consult the moderators via PM.


12.) All work must be kept within the same thread, this applies to Audio&Music, Videos&Tournaments, Tutorials and Livestream related content.


          Each user is entitled to a single thread for each respective category.

13.) Please keep all Audio and Video at a reasonable quality, i.e so users can see/hear it.

          [Audio] - For Audio and Music related threads, all genres are welcome.

          [Video] - For any threads that contain a video of sorts, preferably uploaded to YouTube

          [Commentary] - For any threads that contain a commentary, such as 'Let's Plays'

          [Livestream] - For any threads that contain a livestream, if the livestream is a 'one time' event, it will be locked shortly afterwards.

          [Tutorial] - For any threads that exist for sharing your techniques and knowledge to other users.


          [Tournament] - For content related to PokeMMO tournaments.

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