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[Sig] Advancing Signature shop, now doing team banners! And competition posters!

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Is that a program by any chance? Let's you control a computer or something


Its a program where you can share screens with somebody, and if you want they can let you control it. i'd like it so i can see how you would create a sig, then i can help.

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I'm very sorry to say but in all truth I'm not really an expert on GIF images or anything animated as the process of implementing them on a picture is extremely tricky so you have my sincere apologies for that, I have made you a Sig it's okay if you don't want it though Just come back anytime if you want anything else I could be of service for :)

sweet! thanks!
EDIT: shit, i can only use one image in my signature...
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Color:shiny lugia
somethin like this

or make it about pokemon world like

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