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[Sig] Advancing Signature shop, now doing team banners! And competition posters!

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Im also an Artist and I love seeing work from other Artists so may I request ?


Pokemon: Mega Lucario 

Text: Zain (add shiny effect if possible)

Size: 400x150

Colours/Background: you decide ^^




Thanks for coming here I myself am a great admirer of your work ^_^ 

so what do you think? :)





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Pokemon: 3 larvitars, in different poses - Battle pose(mouth open, eyes closed, pointed hand), scared pose, and standing pose.


Text: oOPieOo [ACDT]


Colours: Green and Brown


Your request, it's interesting although for the Larvitar in them poses, I will need pictures if you can supply me with them as I have currently looked but Larvitar found in them poses aren't exactly common over the web. If you'd still like me to make you a similar one please let me know I'll see what I can do :)

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