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On 4/17/2016 at 2:24 PM, KaynineXL said:

Me and Qbeertje are going to attempt at find the shiny we set out for at the start. Shiny Heracross. We planned to gather as many Leppas as we could, and use them all with donator status. The day is Sunday, 17/04/2016. Wish us luck fam.





Leppa Count: 1000

[spoiler] b8aacf282c4359954e85f13a3bb12895.png[/spoiler]

Donator status: Active

Lucky Pink Bow Equipped?: True  (I found my Altaria with my lucky pink bow)


Sweet Scent PP Maxed?: False





Leppa Count: 1054


Donator Status: Active

Lucky Shiny Ponyta: Sold

Sweet Scent PP Maxed?: True



[spoiler] Qbeertje would also like to point out he didn't buy the donator status with irl cash, he isn't that desperate[/spoiler]

Haha, having a moment looking back through the bible aka lyle round table thread(be gone clubs).


Saw this post of mine and it definitely made me smile to realise I finally got a Heracross.. @Quint



Miss you guys. LYLE #1

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