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[LYLE] KingCheerios - Greatest Team of All Time


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Wouldn't be a proper Nik-esque if it wasn't an essay. 


Winning PSL and the NU seasonal back to back is an immense achievement for me after my temporary comeback to this game. The pre-PSL shittalk between myself and gbwead made me want to come back and kind of show that I wasn't complete rust. I'm glad that I was able to do so, but in all honesty I couldn't have done this without the support from a lot of people. Through this journey gbwead and I became really close, and he filled me in on the metagame knowledge since I wasn't really aware of anything in my absence. Also, a large part of OU PSL prep was thanks to you, so I owe you a lot and I'm always here for you, just a discord PM away. Thank you to AurumPegasus for making my comeback to this game an enjoyable one as well. I had a lot of fun playing NU with you, and also our beloved anime talks. Without you, I wouldn't have come to know about our Lord and Savior - Roy Mustang. Just like with gbwead, I'm here for you always bro. Thanks to Evlgoon for the late night chats during my ranked sessions. My PSL mates made me develop a love-hate relationship with this game, but at the end of the day it was all love. I criticized you lot publicly, and you were able to win this without me as I lost all of my important games. It would have been a nice ego boost to have won the deciding game in PSL, but this was a humbling experience and it was nice to be carried to a win.


After I got my invite for the NU seasonal, I got very lazy in my prep. I guess at that time my main priority was focusing on PSL. However, my work was cut so much in half thanks to Quakkz's breeds, hannah's ev training, and 4f's massive collection of NUs. There really was no shortage of resources, so I couldn't use that as an excuse if I failed. In the old days, team chat used to be exciting with the whole squad cheering for me and screaming my name in team chat (I miss you fuckers, especially you Kay),  This time I was in discord call with Forfiter, and it kind of took me back to those Teamspeak days during Team Tournament. I couldn't have won without you helping me scout my opponent's set, discussing the various scenarios with you etc. Then later Bluebreath joined the call, and I guess he was my lucky charm because there were several moments during my games vs Titinn and Haazuu that I told him, "I am so fucked" but he kept me focused to carry on and I miraculously pulled out some wins. Same goes for gbwead teaching me how to pp stall the last minute, thank you sensei. What's really funny to me is that the very same Slowking that helped me win a UU invitational exactly a couple of years was my saving grace this time as well. I don't want to go into too many details of my games and my thought process, although I wished that I could record it live so you guys could see what was happening in my head - aka blunder style. 


While I'm completely aware of my amazing skill threshold, I made several mistakes in tour, and thankfully I did not get punished severely for it. I'd be deluded to say that I did not get lucky because you can't win a double-elim tour, or any tour for that matter without any sort of luck going your way, so thank you Pokegods for your blessing. Sorry if I forgot any of you in this post xoxo. I'll be taking a break from this game again with school starting soon. Anyways, time to end this post with some Indian music. 



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Not sure why I didn't get a notification for your message but it's good to see that after all these years of the hard work we put into this game, you were able to make a come back and win a huge tournament. Most of us have left MMO behind and I've never considered playing comp again seriously, but to see you do it, and win... Amazing.


Anyway, although we don't speak nowhere near as often as we used to, I'm sure I'll catch you for our occasional long discord chat(which we're probably overdue).


P.S I still beat you 9 times out of 10 :) get good.

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On 10/3/2019 at 4:56 PM, KaynineXL said:

I remember the days when the round table was used daily, now team threads can go months without a reply(undoubtedly clubs fault).


Sad days

I don't think is much about the round table being gone now, more like LYLE died by inactivity.

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