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[LYLE] KingCheerios - Greatest Team of All Time


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[LYLE] Team KingCheerios         Team Motto: "Ain't no mountain high enough"   Team Tournament Motto: "JSTUD are you winning?!"    

To my team, my family, and my friends of the past three years,   I've decided to make an emotionally charged post that may or may not be truthful in a week, but regardless, I think it's time I final

Roster:   KIZHAZ!!!!     @KingBowser @JSTUD @DoubleJ      

Played in a melee tournament today. Went okay, I recorded all my matches so I'll upload them soon and let people check them out.


Without further ado,


RNGesus' Melee matches (and more)


In the order I played.





2-1 record got me out of my pools as second seed into the main bracket.



Got knocked into loser's bracket after getting bodied by Marth.





Got knocked out after choking hard against C. Falcon

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Some mofo in my college stole my dongle, I think. Eitherways, it's missing so I'm gonna be on a lot less :(


Sorry for not being able to ev your growlithe Art.

Throw it to me I'll help him out, got 3 more days of practicly doing nothing so I can help out a friend(s) =]

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The Hammer was strong with that Crab :P


Also, <wins first tourney I've played in ages


TT: Never fear Raaidn is here!


Also special thanks to the one and only Nikmeister for clearing the other half of bracket and getting you your morning sun scizor :P

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