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Don't really wanna make a thread for this so I'll just say it here    I would like to thank every person I've met on this game throughout the years I've played it. Always loved fire red and

I feel the need to speak out on this as this is definitely not going to look good on us but today some shit has happened involving 2 VVVV members. (Rigamorty & RaiOh)   We arent going to

From behalf of (remaining) V4: We have no tolerance for this kind of bullshit. None. The reputation of a group of great individuals has been tarnished today because of the idiotic actions of a couple 

I know how you feel man, still waiting on Kingdom Hearts as well lol...



playing 1.5 at the moment because wynaut. never beat sephiroth in the first game so gonna do that in this one.

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I did just about everything in that one. Killed Sephiroth, got the Ultima Weapon, Save the King+ and Save the Queen+ and all that.


Try the hardest difficulty mode against Sephiroth, dead in 4 seconds..


Enjoy this guy fighting against 3 using a cheat total epicness lol.


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