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Just now, Aerun said:

Oh my bad, forgot green was actually named Cameron, was talking about RaiOh who is named Cameron as well

and aight will do

Oh shit that is right lol I forgot all about that, I figured he would still be playing though! I just could not find any recent traces of Green Cameron anywhere lol


& again thx you, glad to see you guys still about! ^~^

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Don't really wanna make a thread for this so I'll just say it here    I would like to thank every person I've met on this game throughout the years I've played it. Always loved fire red and

I feel the need to speak out on this as this is definitely not going to look good on us but today some shit has happened involving 2 VVVV members. (Rigamorty & RaiOh)   We arent going to

From behalf of (remaining) V4: We have no tolerance for this kind of bullshit. None. The reputation of a group of great individuals has been tarnished today because of the idiotic actions of a couple 

9 minutes ago, Torinnnnn said:

bruh, i am disgusted at what i just watched

At least there wasn't any concern of them blowing a lead like last time 


8 minutes ago, Torinnnnn said:

hmu when u log in, ill meet you in game

i'll hop on right now

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