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[Art] PokeMMO custom glass icon.

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Hey guys, here's a custom icon I made since, to be honest, I weren't a big fan of current.  -_-


This is the first time I ever try to do an icon on Photoshop, so don't pick up hard on me, I know the icon have his flaws, at first I didn't plan to release it, but.. why not.   ^_^


I used some art from other people, sadly I don't remember where I picked them up, credits for those who created it, I just put em' together.






Direct link: http://i.imgur.com/Ge8WW9q.png


Remember there's an awesome tool for convert your icons online to other formats: iConverIcons


Hope you guys enjoy.  :D

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That looks really good, actually. But I dont think itll scale well for being a small icon.


Dang, you're right, I guess is more like a Dock Icon, right?, never thought on that, I think I just earn some experience. :P 


lEaHORG.png      yRJpN1H.png



Good work!

I use medium icons, & without the shortcut error on windows 8, this looks lovely.


Glad your liked it!  :)

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Could you post instructions on how to change the icons?

This'll work if it's a shortcut.


Right click on your shortcut and click on Properties.



Click on the Shortcut tab and click on Change Icon...



Click Browse... and find your .ico file.



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